Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Say, How About Condoms For Halloween?

You just know these folks were hard core progressives Having a safe Halloween took on a different meaning in one Oregon neighborhood, where trick-or-treating teenagers received condoms in their goodie bags. Daniel and Kathleen Harris, of Silverton, tell The Statesman Journal the free condoms were part of their effort to promote health. They also handed […]

Apparently, Conservatives Are Supposed To Fight Globull Warming

Liberals are really digging deep in an attempt to save their pet cult: Why fighting global warming should be a conservative cause But it’s conservatives who should fear climate change the most. To put it simply, if you hate big government, try global warming on for size. The whole cult of climate change (hell, they […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup – Valour IT For The Marines Edition

Happy Sunday! It’s a gorgeous, and chilly, day in the neighborhood, so, here’s a little reminder what we have to look forward to. In about 6-8 months, plus, an awesome old school support the Marines pinup. The first pinup is by Gil Elvgren,with a wee bit of help. Second, not a clue. Make sure to […]

Snap! Hope Is A Sentiment, Not A Strategy

The Washington Post finally gets around to wondering if Obama really felt voter’s pain, and realizes that The Lightworker is rather detached President Obama’s failure to channel the anxieties of ordinary voters has shaken the faith that many Democrats once had in his political gifts and his team’s political skill. Political gifts and skill? Perhaps […]

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