Say, How About Condoms For Halloween?

You just know these folks were hard core progressives

Having a safe Halloween took on a different meaning in one Oregon neighborhood, where trick-or-treating teenagers received condoms in their goodie bags.

Daniel and Kathleen Harris, of Silverton, tell The Statesman Journal the free condoms were part of their effort to promote health. They also handed out toothbrushes as well as candy bars.

And, yes, a 14 year old did receive one. The Harris’ say they usually ask if the snowflake is 16 and over. Um, why are those 16 and older out trick or treating? Sure, they can bring younger snowflakes along, but, not to take the candy with them.

It just goes to prove, there is nothing that Progressives won’t attempt to ruin.

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11 Responses to “Say, How About Condoms For Halloween?”

  1. My kid got one of these one year; he was about 13 and it came from some college kids renting the house across the street. They told him they’d forgotten to get candy and they were passing out whatever they had. My son’s friend got some AA batteries. :/

  2. LOL!

    Next year I’m asking if mom and dad are conservative or liberal. If Con, they get candy. If lib, they have to give me candy, and I’ll give it to conservative kids

  3. John Ryan says:

    Usually at this time of teh year we get the stories about how the christians are having hissy fits over Halloween being SATANIC.

  4. Well, they shouldn’t be upset, because Halloween is not a satanic celebration night.

  5. proof says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to “wearing a rubber mask” on Halloween!

  6. kate says:

    just one more thing to be *proud* of here in Oregon.

  7. Trish says:

    What? Did they run out of G/L how to manuals?
    No nasty Porn Mags for the kiddies?
    How about a nice fat joint or a pot brownie?
    It’s Halloween morons, try to stick to the tradition.
    The worst part is, that they (the idiots who handed them out) may have poked holes in those condoms; it’s no different than poisoned candy, the parent’s should check for tampering with these condoms.

  8. mojo says:

    Please tell me their house got TP’d…

  9. That kind of mask can get you busted, Proof. Well, at least in a sensible city.

    Take heart, Kate. Sooner or late, the liberals will wise up…..I’m making myself laugh

    That’s a good point about the holes, Trish. I mean, would you really want to trust someone giving out condoms on Halloween?

    I would have given them the old NJ Mischief Night treatment, which would have including dog poo under their car door handles.

  10. Trish says:

    Dog poo under door handles? WOW! Never heard of that one before!

    • Yup. Worked better when u had the typed of door handles you reached under to open door.

      The old lighted bag of dog poo was always a crowd pleaser, too

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