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More People Concerned About Gov’t Involvement In Health Care

Gallup has an interesting poll up regarding health care Americans name healthcare access, followed by costs, as the most urgent health problems facing the country today, as they have in recent years. However, with the renewed debate over healthcare reform in 2009, and passage of President Obama’s reform bill in 2010, mentions of both issues […]

RoP Plans To Execute Christian For Drawing Water From A Muslim Well

What was all that we heard about Islam being tolerant and peaceful? The Pope is appealing for the victims life Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday made an appeal for a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy after she collected water from a well to be drunk by Muslims. […]

TSA Demotivators

Go here to make your own. Proof Positive offers one that could also get him a fatwa.

Goracle Claims Media Aren’t Covering Climate Hysteria Correctly

Personally, I was beginning to worry about Al Gore, since we hadn’t heard much from him as of late. But, then, when one has pocketed $18 million from the failed Chicago Climate Exchange, one can take a break from pushing junk science. Anyhow, Al is a bit upset For some time, the media has failed […]

Snap! Senate Democrats Want More Help From Obama

First we had the midterms tsunami. Then we had Queen Nancy being re-elected as the face of the House Democrats. Now, yet another early Christmas gift, and something extra to give thanks for next Thursday. The question is, will Obama unwrap the gift for us? Senate Democrats want President Obama to take a more hands-on […]

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