Daily Archives: November 21, 2010

I’ll Raise RS McCain’s Ann Hathaway With Natalie Portman In A Thong

Ann Hathaway likes showing skin. So does Natalie Portman Natalie Portman’s nude backside appears to be worth fighting for. The red band (i.e. Not Safe For Work) trailer for the medieval comedy “Your Highness” has been released, which has the 29-year-old actress showing off her naked backside in a thong as stars James Franco and […]

Sometimes The Actual Content Doesn’t Matter. Or Make Sense

That is, when you read from a Scottish newspaper: “Laggravation over laundry” Around 500 lags at HMP Glenochil refused to attend work or classes yesterday after perverts were allowed to handle their smalls. Instead they stayed in their cells after breakfast. And at lunchtime, warders were forced to serve up the food themselves and clear […]

Biden: Junk Grabbing Necessary, ACLU Still Missing, Plus Motivator

Don’t you simply love when people who aren’t going to be go through the same experiences the average Joe will expound and tell us how necessary the measures are? Vice President Joe Biden is defending the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) controversial new pat-down technique, calling it a “necessary policy.” Biden acknowledged people have concerns that […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! Yet another gorgeous day in America, a great day for a bike ride. Unless you are in Minnesota, where they are expecting freezing rain today (and the coldest Thanksgiving since 1985, and a maybe a blizzard Wed). But, hey, you Minnesotans are tough. This pinup is by Harry Ekman, with a wee bit […]

Oh, Snap! ObamaCare Could Reduce Competition And Raise Costs (Part 2,467)

Seriously, who could have foreseen this coming? When Congress passed the health care law, it envisioned doctors and hospitals joining forces, coordinating care and holding down costs, with the prospect of earning government bonuses for controlling costs. And they would all join hands, sing kumbaya, and have a unicorn smoothie (Coke will soon be taxed […]

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