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Snap! Forced Use Of Biofuels Could Accelerate Globull Warming

And something about losing huge tracks of land from food production Plans to make European motorists use more biofuels could take an area the size of Ireland out of food production by 2020 and accelerate climate change, a study has found. The report by the independent Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) is based on […]

It’s A Small Step From Awesome To Narcissism

Suddenly, The Politico Is Worried About GOP Women

Obviously, the article is meant to portray the Republican Party as a Patriarchy, with women as second class citizens. But, really, how many women would want to run after the way the Democrats and liberal media treated, and treat, them? O’Donnell, Fiorino, Whitman, Angle, and McMahon are just a few of the GOP female candidates […]

Tuesday Funny: So, How’s That Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame Movie Doing?

The answer would be: beyond dismal. This bit of fanciful fluff, which attempts to paint Valerie Wilson as just a normal mom before 9am, to some sort of international spy flying around the world putting out fires, being involved in firefights, like James Bond, during the day, opened Friday, November 5th, and, pulled in a […]

Republican Who Co-Authored Light Bulb Law Wants Energy Chair

Here’s a test for the GOP: do they let this guy have the chairmanship? He has some really good points and some really bad points, yet, we have this little bit of Big Government climate alarmism Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) may have some explaining to do to fellow GOP colleagues as he seeks the chairmanship […]

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