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Cool: Archeologists Find Links To Trojan War In Pompeii

I find this kind of thing super awesome Archaeologists make ‘stunning’ find of banquet hall in Pompeii A group of archaeologists excavating the doomed city of Pompeii found quite the surprise earlier this week: a banquet hall complete with paintings inspired by the Trojan War. The discovery was announced earlier this week, The Associated Press […]

Is It A Bones Or No Bones Day?

Someone using TikTok for good i just found a tiktok account dedicated to waking up a pug named noodle and if he flops over it’s a “no bones” day and if he stays upright it’s a “bones” day AND PEOPLE CHECK THE BONES FORECAST LIKE IT’S A HOROSCOPE I AM CRYING — patty ?????? […]

Awesome: Female Virginia Rep Openly Carries Her Firearm On House Floor

She says it is her version of the ERA and a way to protect herself from the crazy protesting and threatening liberals FEMALE VA STATE SENATOR OPEN CARRIES ON HOUSE FLOOR — CALLS GUN HER ‘ERA’ A Virginia state senator utilized the state’s open-carry law in a unique way on Tuesday by carrying her .38 […]

Louisiana Punishes Two Anti-2nd Amendment Banks Over Road Project

Will other 2nd Amendment supporting states follow along and do similar things? (Washington Times) A Louisiana commission voted Thursday to block two banking giants from taking part in a new highway project, moving to punish the companies for gun control policies they adopted after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting this year. Citigroup and Bank of […]

Tax Plan: People Will Start Seeing Benefits In Their Paychecks As Early As February

The Hill thinks this is going to be really super difficult for the Internal Revenue Service, per the headline Trump’s tax law creates new challenges for IRS Oh noes, challenges! The Republican tax bill is the law of the land — but for federal officials, the work is just beginning. The Treasury Department and the […]

Happy Independence Day! (Sticky for the day)

Always a good time for some patriotic pinups. A few more below the fold.

Acting ICE Chief: Zero Regrets Over Saying Illegal Aliens “Should Be Concerned”

Apparently, Acting ICE chief Thomas Homan did not get the memo that he’s supposed to pander to people who are unlawfully present in the United States over lawful immigrants, naturalized citizens, and natural born citizens. Otherwise, the media gets the vapors, especially when the original comment was that was that illegals “should be afraid” (The […]

General Mattis Notes What Keeps Other People Up At Night

The guy is a quote machine, a genuine badass, and people and countries that want to screw with the United States should think at least a dozen times (Daily Caller) Sec. of Defense James Mattis, known for his frank quotes about the realities of war, offered up a line befitting his nickname, “Mad Dog,” during […]

Ever Told A Great White To F Off?

When they talk about men being men, they were talking about this guy (via Radass) Click the more tag, in single post.

White House To Go Blue In Honor Of Peace Officers Memorial Day Tonight

This is not going over well in Progressive World (The Hill)  President Trump announced Monday that he’ll light the White House blue to honor police officers for Monday’s Peace Officer Memorial Day. The president signed a proclamation Monday declaring the day “Peace Officer Memorial Day” and the upcoming week “Police Week.” At the signing ceremony, […]

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