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Washington Post: “Veterans don’t get to decide what ‘respecting the flag’ means” Or Something

Salil Puri, a staff sergeant with the Army’s Psychological Operations Regiment, served in Afghanistan. He is a senior consultant with The Culper Group now. And the Washington Post has given him a platform to rail against our military veteran’s having a voice in the on-going kneeling debate. Sure, he’s entitled to his own opinion. It’s […]

Happy Independence Day! (sticky for day)

Many more patriotic pinups below the fold

Memorial Day Pinups (sticky for the day)

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Happy Independence Day! (Sticky for the day)

Always a good time for some patriotic pinups. A few more below the fold.

NY Times: Expand Your World, Hit The Beach In Alabama

The NY Times opinion pages have given a platform to comedian W. Kamau Bell, the host of The United Shades Of America on CNN, to write what might be one of the best opinion pieces I’ve read in the Times in I cannot tell you how long. It is primarily aimed at the Liberals who […]

Happy Independence Day (sticky for day)

Have a safe, wonderful 4th!

Arizona High School Decrees Wearing American Colors Is Racist

Also green, flags, and Trump related. Such is the state of America these days (Breitbart) A high school in Arizona has banned pro-Donald Trump clothing at a Friday football game because it would be “racist” or “offensive.” Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona – with a student body known as “The Tribe” – […]

Happy Independence Day!

Never a bad day for a patriotic pinup.

9 Circuit Court Of Appeals: It’s A-OK For Schools To Restrict The American Flag So As Not To Offend

But of course. Can’t have legal American citizens waving and wearing the American flag and Offending Mexicans waving and wearing the Mexican flag on Cinco De Mayo, a mostly made up holiday celebrated in one tiny Mexican province, and only celebrated here in the U.S. in order to get drunk (Daily Caller) It’s official: the […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th! Still no Internet, so not sure the size of these while using Droid.

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