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Snap! GOP Gains 63rd Seat As Maffei Concedes

Yet, he goes out with a whimper and some of that ole Obama style cluelessness Rep. Dan Maffei (D-N.Y.) conceded to his GOP challenger Tuesday afternoon, giving Republicans their 63rd pickup in the House. He trailed Republican candidate Ann Marie Buerkle by 567 votes in a race that has been too close to call. Lawyers […]

Heartache! Scarlett Johansson Goes Full Blown Climate Alarmist

Sigh Add Scarlett Johansson to the growing list of celeb-vocates. The actress is focusing her attention on environmental justice for the world’s poor. Through Oxfam Global Ambassadors, Johansson will join such other notables as Gael García Bernal and Djimon Hounsou “to call on international negotiators to protect the world’s poor from climate catastrophe at the […]

Rule 5: Let’s All Form A Sculpture For Awareness Of Globull Warming!!!!

You know how this is going to end, right? Thom Yorke wants your help to recreate an 11th-century Viking monarch. The Radiohead frontman is recruiting 2,000 people to join him in Brighton this weekend, where he hopes to construct a “human sculpture” of King Canute. The gargantuan art installation is part of an awareness campaign […]

Business Leaders: We Won’t Be Placated With A Backyard Beer Summit

Obama is, well, I can’t really say learning, since he is obviously infallable and knows better than everyone else on the planet since the dawn of time, but, he might catch a little clue that after months and months of demonizing business, you know, that entity that makes the economy go, are not as easily […]

Washington Post Covers For Team Obama With Body Scanner Poll – 53% Idiocy

It is not just the Obama Administration that is tone deaf as to what is going in with airport checkpoints: you can add the Washington Post and writers Jon Cohen and Ashley Halsey III to the list – Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support full-body scanners at airports Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the new […]

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