Washington Post Covers For Team Obama With Body Scanner Poll – 53% Idiocy

It is not just the Obama Administration that is tone deaf as to what is going in with airport checkpoints: you can add the Washington Post and writers Jon Cohen and Ashley Halsey III to the list – Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support full-body scanners at airports

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the new full-body security-screening machines at the country’s airports, as most say they put higher priority on combating terrorism than protecting personal privacy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Yet, that is NOT the major issue. Yes, some people are upset about getting scanned, but, other than a small kefuffle over the TSA saving the “nude” pictures, of which no actual facial identity can be garnered. And some are worried about potential health problems. The issue, though, is the pat downs, and why children, nuns, women with a prosthesis, and old men are being subject to being treated like criminals.

But half of all those polled say enhanced pat-down searches go too far.

Glad they tell us that. Interestingly, though, 37% fly less than once or twice a year, and 16% never fly. Wait, what was that first one? Less than once or twice a year? Wouldn’t that mean……do not fly? So, that means that 53% of the respondents have no stake in the game, and when asked the question as to whether the pat downs are “justified” or “goes to far”, a 48-53% split, the majority of responses are meaningless. But, of course, what the Washington Post is attempting to do is cover for Obama and Company

According to the Transportation Security Administration, less than 3 percent of travelers receive the pat-downs.

In other words, all you left and right wingnuts, ie, the American Public, are getting upset over spilled milk, and should chill out and let The One do his thing. He just wants to protect you in his loving arms and send TOTUS over to read you a bed time story.

The scanners are intended to catch terrorists such as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man accused of trying to bring down a passenger jet bound for Detroit last Christmas with explosives hidden in his underwear.

Again with the scanners, which are not really the problem, though, if you’ve watched how they work, they sure look like they can slow down the waiting lines, eh? Except, the scanners might not have caught said crotch bomber (apparently, this whole thing is the fault of the Bush regime or something. BDS lives!).

Anyhow, can you imagine how slow this all will make airports such as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, not exactly a fast airport to start with?

On the basic question of investigating threats versus protecting privacy, the public remains about where it has been in recent years. Fully 68 percent of those polled say that the federal government should focus on looking into possible terrorist actions, even if that intrudes on personal privacy. Some 26 percent say it’s more important for the federal government to avoid privacy intrusions.

Let’s remember that 53% figure from above, people who do not fly making judgments for those of us who do, even if it is only once or twice a year.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU. sit back and Relax. we’ll dRive!

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5 Responses to “Washington Post Covers For Team Obama With Body Scanner Poll – 53% Idiocy”

  1. david7134 says:

    I am in favor of radiation machines. But not for Americans. I am in favor of pat downs, but not for Americans. I am in favor of Muslims getting both measures as they are the ones causing trouble, not the average American. I am in favor of the return of the 4th amendment to the Constitution, for American citizens, not non-citizens. And the 4th would allow the searches as beign Msulim would be associated with problble cause.

  2. Trish says:

    David7134 for POTUS!
    Or at east someone LIKE David, who understands wherein our problem lies.
    It ain’t with Granny, it ain’t with baby, and it ain’t with college kids coming home for the holidays!

  3. Completely agree, David!

    Well, Trish, you know those college kids might get a little rambunctious on a plane and start singing or something.

  4. David says:

    I appreciate the vote for POTUS, but I could never run. If I won, then the economy would be back on track within 3 months. We would pay little in the way of tax. Most of congress would be in jail. Race relations would be a thing of the past as we would all be viewed as Americans. We would not have to concern ourselves with war as we would not be trying to impose ourselves on others. You could buy any drug at the pharmacy without a prescription, thus ending the concern for medical care. I know the reasons for the cost of medical care and those would disappear. And finally, I would impose a $1 per minute tax on all overseas phone calls. The result would be an end to farming out American jobs overseas (and you would no longer get an Indian when you need help for your computer or anything else-I don’t mind Indians but they have never, ever solved one of my problems).

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