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Bernie Sanders Wants To Stop Comcast-NBC Merger, Violate Constitution

Yet another Leftist who fails to understand what the 1st Amendment actually says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he would look to block a merger between NBC and Comcast, citing the decision last week by MSNBC to suspend liberal anchor Keith Olbermann. Sanders said Comcast’s attempt to acquire NBC from General Electric would result in […]

It’s Bacon Monday! (20 Images)

Dems To Nancy P: We’ve Lost That Loving Feeling…

….now go away FOX has obtained a letter being penned by defeated House Democrats that implores House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to step aside. The letter is now circulating Capitol Hill and has not yet been sent to the Speaker. FOX has obtained draft language of the letter. In the draft of the letter, the […]

AGW Today: Republicans Are Scary, CO2 Kills Fisherman, Save The Seals!

Poor, poor, climate alarmists, things are not going well for them After last week’s election the U.S. Congress is now a place where climate change is questioned more than feared. According to ThinkProgress.org, a progressive blog by the Center for American Progress, half of the newly elected Republicans don’t believe in man-made climate change while […]

Obama On 60 Minutes: Why, Yes, He Is Still In Clueless World

One must wonder how long Obama is going to wander around in a daze of idiocy, unable to come to terms with what happened during the 2010 midterms, being totally oblivious and still not “feeling your pain”: Obama On The Political Price of The Election Late on Thursday afternoon, two years to the date after […]

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