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Her Fault: Queen Pelosi Links Border Crisis To Climate Crisis (scam)

Perhaps Nancy should stop taking so many fossil fueled cross country trips on evil airplanes (video at the link) Pelosi: Climate Change Causing ‘Humanitarian Challenge’ at the Border House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that climate change has contributed to the surge of migrant children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Pelosi […]

Sore Winner Party To Voted On Trump Impeachment On Wednesday

Democrats were sore losers for 4 years under Trump (and 8 years under Bush), and are now sore winners. Nothing makes these people happy. But, hey, #Unity, right? Pelosi: Democrats will move to impeach Trump House Democrats will stage a vote to impeach President Trump for encouraging mob violence at the Capitol on Wednesday, Speaker […]

Warmist Nancy Pelosi Continues Her Bleat On Climate Crisis (scam) Being An Existential Threat

I wonder if Queen Nancy walked or took a bicycle when she broke California rules to get her hair cut? Nancy Pelosi hosts virtual G7 summit with world leaders: ‘The climate crisis is the existential threat of our time’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the parliamentary leaders of the G7 countries issued a joint declaration […]

Mitch McConnell Has Choice Words For Pelosi On ObamaBidengate Inquiry

You should probably sit this fight out, Queen Nancy (Breitbart) “I’d say to the speaker, after the impeachment, you — you’re not in a position to be lecturing us about what the appropriate use of Senate time is,” he said. “The House of Representatives is arguing before the Supreme Court that they’re still looking at […]

Queen Pelosi Weighs In On Trump Conspiracy That Trump Will Delay 2020 Election

If you take a run through Twitter, the Democratic Underground, hard-left sites, you’ll see many Leftists yammering about Trump using Bat Soup Virus to delay the 2020 election. Some even say permanently. This would have happened even without BSV. We saw the same thing with Bush in 2004 and 2008, saying he wouldn’t leave. Now […]

Queen Nancy Seems Upset Over Trump Winning

The Washington Post has give Nancy Pelosi a perch to whine about….losing McConnell and the GOP Senate are accomplices to Trump’s wrongdoing For more than 200 years, our republic has endured, not only because of the wisdom of our Founders and the brilliance of our Constitution, but because of the generations of patriotic Americans who have […]

Excitable Democrats Send Articles Of Overturning 2016 Election To Senate

This is all so serious that Nancy Pelosi had commemorative pens and stuff Nancy Pelosi Uses More than a Dozen Commemorative Pens to Sign ‘Sad’ Articles of Impeachment Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared herself “sad” as she used more than a dozen commemorative pens to sign the two articles of impeachment against […]

Pelosi Blinks, Says Will Send Impeachment Theater To Senate Next Week

Republicans not only do not seem concerned about dealing with Impeachment Theater, they seem to be looking forward to it, which could be why Queen Nancy was holding on to the impeachment referral Pelosi set to send impeachment articles to the Senate next week Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Friday that she expects to send […]

Democrats Look To Strip Online Free Speech Protections From Trade Deal

Democrats have long had a problem with this whole “free speech online” thing, because it makes it harder to control people and make sure that they only hear and see what the Leftists want. Hence, the push for Net Neutrality Pelosi Reportedly Wants To Strip Online Free Speech Protections From Trade Deal The new trade […]

Leftist Theory: Trump Is Using Impeachment To Deflect From Gun Control

Well, let’s be honest: with all the other conspiracy theories flying around from the barking moonbats, this is actually not the craziest Vice: President Trump Is Using Impeachment to Avoid Gun Control Vice reports that Republicans indicated Trump is torpedoing gun control, but the only Republican to whom the media outlet directly attributes a quote is Sen. […]

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