AGW Today: Republicans Are Scary, CO2 Kills Fisherman, Save The Seals!

Poor, poor, climate alarmists, things are not going well for them

After last week’s election the U.S. Congress is now a place where climate change is questioned more than feared. According to, a progressive blog by the Center for American Progress, half of the newly elected Republicans don’t believe in man-made climate change while 86 percent of them are against climate change legislation if it costs money to the government. (snip)

Last Wednesday, President Obama told reporters at the White House that he was giving up his green agenda of comprehensive climate and energy legislation at least until 2012. The cap-and-trade approach of President Obama’s administration is now a thing of the past. Cleaner energy will remain on the agenda, just not because of climate change. Republicans and Democrats will probably find common ground in creating more – green – jobs and providing the U.S. with energy independence by moving away from fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy sources or natural gas. Too bad all of this will be motivated solely by economic concerns and not by environmental ones.

I see a time of climate change denial, science misuse and environmental abuse coming. I’m scared.

You should be scared, because your cult is dying out. And, a belief in man caused global warming (call it what it is supposed to be, Ms. Alarmist) has actually harmed the real environmental movement. Yet, there is no reason to wait till 2012 for energy legislation, we can certainly craft legislation that expands solar, wind, hydrothermal, along with nuclear, oil, natural gas, and coal (again, I’m not a big fan of coal). We can do it to provide us with more energy, and find a way to keep the costs down. We just won’t do it for some silly notion about greenhouse gases causing snow and ice storms. Of course, when push comes to shove, these enviroweenies/climate alarmists tend to block the actual construction and use of these so-called “green energy” sources.

How about some climate justice?

Thousands of fishermen in the region have disappeared at sea. Increasingly bad weather conditions are to blame. Dr. Ahsan Uddin Ahmed, a former Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientist, is convinced that this is due to global warming. “The rising sea surface temperature is turning the Bay of Bengal into choppier and wavier waters, making it extremely difficult for fishermen to navigate.”

Apparently, it is just that simple in Climate Alarmist World. Warm seas, warm air creates….wait, it usually creates calm seas. What is happening is usually referred to as local conditions, typically caused by an imbalance of air temperatures, which causes wind. Yes, there are other factors, such as air pressure, convective mixing, and overall heat transfer (which effect the local conditions.) But, no, it must be manmade globull warming, so, what to do? Why, consider lawsuits! Get money!

Oh, those poor polar bears and seals

This year though it looks like a late freeze will have little effect on Churchills polar bears – and could even be beneficial to some if not the whole population. 2010 is the year of the seal kill in Churchill. Over these past years, polar bears are taking seals much more frequently in the tidal zone.

Save the seals, climate change is causing the polar bears be in such “good shape,” and “this is nothing but good news for the Churchill bear population”, that they are killing off the poor seals! We must immediately bring awareness to the plight the seals face from climate change and may soon die off……what? They’re population is exploding, too? Who cares! Climate change! Global warming! Earth dying! Give money! Change lifestyle! Yes, I mean you, not me.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU. sit back and Relax. we’ll dRive!

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8 Responses to “AGW Today: Republicans Are Scary, CO2 Kills Fisherman, Save The Seals!”

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  2. John Ryan says:

    Looks like those corn producing red states are gonna take a hit on this one
    What next? a cut in the farm subsidies?

  3. John Ryan says:

    The urban heat island effect is just a “natural” occurrence.
    Albeit caused by man

  4. gitarcarver says:

    What next? a cut in the farm subsidies?

    Once again, you cement your status as a troll.

    Despite your protestations concerning AGW, you don’t care one iota about AGW.

    You are willing only to keep driving your polluting truck and promoting fuels that, using your theory, hurt the earth more.

    You’re just a hypocrite who hates people more than you love anything.

  5. Yeah, instead of producing a virtually worthless gas substitute, they can use the corn for food.

    No one said the urban island affect was natural, John. I damned sure haven’t. Yet, it is not a global climate changer. And, do you want to do away with cities, John? Liberals don’t do too well outside of cities for elections.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    As I am sure you are aware Teach, the affect will also be rising food costs as the government appropriates (read: steals) land previously used for food. In doing so, they will create a fuel that is more harmful to the environment and that is using their own data sets. Also the fuel will be more costly.

    In short, you have a government mandated program that will harm middle and lower class people as well as the environment.

  7. Oh, yeah, I agree. But, remember, with liberals it is all about intentions, not results.

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