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The Other Washington Learns That Taxing And Spending Is, Um, Unpopular

A hard lesson learned, so, let’s try and scare the shit out of the people! Voters sent a clear message on Election Day: no new taxes and no more of the taxes just passed by the state Legislature. Gov. Chris Gregoire says she hears that message loud and clear, but warns it’ll force lawmakers to […]

When Obama’s Lost Ted Rall (Again)…..

You remember Ted Rall, right? Some of his greatest hits (but, by no means all of them) An Army of Scum: Or, We’re Looking For a Few Good Homosexual Rapists A disgusting cartoon about Pat Tillman A disgusting cartoon calling U.S. Troops suicide bombers (same link as above) A disgusting cartoon of Condi Rice, calling […]

Guess Which Countries Get To Review U.S. Human Rights Record?

Well, this sucks Scores of countries, more than half of them in the developing world, are lining up to take part in the first U.N. Human Rights Council assessment of the United States’ human rights record. A limited number of speakers can be accommodated during Friday’s three-hour “universal periodic review” (UPR) session in Geneva, and […]

Aside: Another Black Conservative On The Fed’s Funny Money

Another Black Conservative: Funny Money: Feds to spend another trillion to buy our own debt

Aside: And So It Goes In Shreveport: Will He Compromise?

And So It Goes In Shreveport: Will He Compromise?

Aside: American Power On Dead Democrats And Others

American Power: Dead Democrat Reelected in Long Beach, and Other Tales From the Crypt of California Politics

Aside: Don Surber’s Daily Scorecard

Don Surber: Daily Scorecard

Aside: No Sheeples Here Says Thanks For The Memories?

No Sheeples Here: Thanks For The Memories?

Aside: The Other McCain Has Live At 5

The Other McCain: LIVE AT FIVE – 11.04.10

Aside: Q&O On TEA Party Wins

Q&O: 32 percent of Tea Party candidates win

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