Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

Aside: Sundries Shack On TEA Party Wins

Sundries Shack: Not a Bad Rookie Season for the Tea Parties

AGW Today: Stop Eating, You’re Lighting The Earth On Fire!

Alternate title: it’s not about the 2010 midterm elections. Every person emits 2 tons of carbon dioxide a year through eating: Study A new study has shown that every person emits the equivalent of approximately two tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from the time food is produced to when the human body excretes it, […]

Democrat Blamestorming In Full Bore, Starting With Obama

It looks like some Democrats get it, while others are still in la la land, perhaps even having taken the blue acid*. Either way, most left over in government will probably not be the ones who understand what the American people want and voted against The bodies aren’t even cold yet in the House, but […]

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