Rule 5: Let’s All Form A Sculpture For Awareness Of Globull Warming!!!!

You know how this is going to end, right?

abrupt climate change babesThom Yorke wants your help to recreate an 11th-century Viking monarch. The Radiohead frontman is recruiting 2,000 people to join him in Brighton this weekend, where he hopes to construct a “human sculpture” of King Canute. The gargantuan art installation is part of an awareness campaign by climate-change organisation

“11am … [is] a civilised hour errr right?” Yorke wrote on the Radiohead blog. The plan is for black-clad volunteers to descend on Brighton this Saturday, working together to send a message to the world’s environment ministers, meeting in Mexico. “The plan is to make images visible from the skies,” Yorke explained, “to remind those in Cancun that we are running out of time. We can’t keep putting this off.” (snip)

If you’d like to join Yorke for this living artwork, you can register on the event’s website. And bring warm clothes. Organisers have learned Canute’s lesson: the event is going ahead come rain or shine.

In fact, the weather forecast for Saturday in Brighton calls for snow showers/sun with a high of zero degrees Celsius (32F). Sounds like a good day for a climate hypocrite to bring awareness!

Eye Of Polyphemus has more snow babes.

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3 Responses to “Rule 5: Let’s All Form A Sculpture For Awareness Of Globull Warming!!!!”

  1. mojo says:

    Sigh. Ah, the English.

    PS: It’s “Knute”, actually. “Canute” is an Anglicization.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading about the event being canceled due to being too damned cold

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