Unicorns Are Missing In NYC – Has Anyone Called Obama?

You simply know that these folks must be Obama voters’

awesome unicornTypically, missing-animal posters encourage one to wonder: Have I ever seen that creature?

In the case of one “missing” poster seen on the Upper West Side in New York earlier this month, the lost animal was not a puppy or someone’s cat. It was a unicorn.

Described as a female with a friendly disposition, the missing unicorn in question and the poster belonged to Camomile Hixon, a New York-based painter.

The missing unicorn, in fact, was part of a larger vision for New York City.

“I was travelling back and forth in the subways, and I just noticed the dejection. I’m a pop artist, and I thought –- if I could just make one person smile. I was thinking about ways to do that,” she said.

They make good eating.

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  1. proof says:

    He’s been talking a lot. I thought he was just a little horse…

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