Say, About That “Bush Wouldn’t Vote For Or Endorse McCain” Meme….

It’s pretty much mule fritters

Former President George W. Bush is denying a report that he once said he would have endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 if the Democrat had asked.

“This is ridiculous and untrue,” Bush spokesman David Sherzer told POLITICO. “President Bush proudly supported John McCain in the election and voted for him.”

A blog post on the website of the Financial Times claimed Tuesday that Bush made the remarks during an Oval Office meeting with British dignitaries, including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“I probably won’t even vote for the guy,” the FT reports Bush having said of McCain.

“I had to endorse him,” Bush is reported to have said. “But I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me.”

Who are you going to believe, a guy who sat on what would have been a HUGE story during the 2008 Silly Season, or Bush, who knows what he said better? I’m going with Bush. He may have been a Big Government Social Conservative (really, I equate him more with a JFK liberal), but, there was no possible way he would have endorsed Obama, who was continuously slamming and slurring him all during the campaign, and certainly Bush could have seen what a disaster an Obama presidency would have been.

Meanwhile, the Typical Unhinged Liberals are showing up in the reviews of Decision Points at Amazon by people who didn’t even read the book

  • worst president ever What is this? a recall of how he fleeced a nation and wrecked the environment? or how he stirred up terrorism by murdering thousands of innocent people in the middle east. I don’t have to read it. I was there.
  • Don’t buy it! If you do buy it, you support a criminal, a man who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of lives. Think about it.
  • Best of recent crime fiction! Too bad this guy will never even be held partly responsible for the decline and fall of the American Empire.
  • Great Insight into the Mind of a Mass Murderer This fascinating account of the life and crimes of former US President George W. Bush is a riveting insight into one of the world’s greatest criminal minds and mass murderers. Having remained silent for two years following his ousting as President, Bush now lifts the lid on the Whitehouse Murders and an array of other criminal activities that have blighted his past.

    From his own admission as “the costliest mistake I have ever made” relating to his decision to not admit a 1976 conviction for a drink driving offence when running for the Whitehouse, to his friendship with fellow killer Tony Blair, whom Bush once alarmingly likened to Churchill, it’s all here, the lies, the deceit, the condoning of water-boarding torture methods on Iraqi prisoners, the illegal invasion of foreign lands and the massacre of innocents in what has to be the cornerstone of any library dealing with True Crime. The best read since “The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: An American Nightmare”… but it’s not recommended as bedside reading when alone in the house. A truly chilling book!

And it goes on and on. Funny part, that last comment, the Moonbat messed up and gave the book 4 stars.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU. sit back and Relax. we’ll dRive!

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2 Responses to “Say, About That “Bush Wouldn’t Vote For Or Endorse McCain” Meme….”

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  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach you missed the point if the article: an endorsement from Bush who had approval ratings of below freezing 32 was the kiss of death. If Bush had endorsed Obama, McCain would have won.

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