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Oh, Snap! Obama Officials Walk Back 2011 Afghanistan Exit Date

They are really unhappy about this in Liberal World, but, they should have known that the majority of Obama promises all come with an expiration date The Obama administration has decided to begin publicly walking away from what it once touted as key deadlines in the war in Afghanistan in an effort to de-emphasize President […]

Third Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty

Excellent news A Virginia military jury found a Navy SEAL not guilty on charges of punching a suspected Iraqi terrorist. Matthew McCabe, a Special Operations Petty Officer Second Class, was facing three charges: dereliction of performance of duty for willfully failing to safeguard a detainee, making a false official statement, and assault. The suspected terrorist […]

Obama Approves Wacking Anwar al-Aulaqi. Good For Him!

One has to give credit where credit is due: this policy of Obama’s, and quite a bit of his overseas anti-terrorist tactics, are most goodness The Obama administration has authorized operations to capture or kill a U.S.-born Muslim cleric based in Yemen, who is described by a key lawmaker as Americas’s top terrorist threat, officials […]

Fat Scumbag Traitor Adam Gadahn Captured?

Yeah, I’m a bit late on this one, it’s been a crazy day. The big news has been that Adam Gadahn was captured The U.S.-born spokesman for al-Qaida has been captured in Pakistan, government sources said Sunday. But the reports were greeted with skepticism by U.S. intelligence officials, who said Pakistanis might have confused another […]

You Go, Girl! Moment In Afghanistan

Can anyone imagine this incredible event happening if we had followed the hard left method of sitting back and holding meetings to see why Islamic extremists hate us after being attacked on 9/11? Several hundred women, many holding aloft pictures of relatives killed by drug lords or Taliban militants, held a loud but nonviolent street […]

Even When Doing Something Great For The Troops, PETA Goes Wonky

The first part deserves a big “kudos!” Troops craving chocolate in Afghanistan could soon be eating dairy-free treats bearing the image of Osama bin Laden. A chocolatier and longtime People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals supporter is making the special vegan chocolates for the troops after reading about how difficult it was to get […]

Aussie Warrier, MIA In Afghanistan For A Year, Found Safe

Here’s your feel good story to end the work week A BRAVE young Aussie warrior who went missing in action during the heat of battle has been found safe and well after spending a year in the Afghan desert. Sabi, a black Australian Labrador, aged about four, is back home now on the Australian base […]

576 More Virgins Required After Airstrike

Well, I have to give President Neophyte this: he is not backing off of the military action against al Qaeda and the Taliban in NW Pock-EE-stan At least eight militants were killed Sunday in a suspected US missile strike which destroyed a Taliban hide-out in northwest Pakistan, security officials said. Top US military and defence […]

10 Silver Stars For Green Berets

I’m frinkin’ amazed that the story even made the MSM, quite frankly. Check this out After jumping out of helicopters at daybreak onto jagged, ice-covered rocks and into water at an altitude of 10,000 feet, the 12-man Special Forces team scrambled up the steep mountainside toward its target — an insurgent stronghold in northeast Afghanistan. […]

Gee, Maybe We Should Use The Words Jihad And Islamist

Uh huh, 7 years later, and some sanity might be prevailing A U.S. military “Red Team” charged with challenging conventional thinking says that words like “jihad” and “Islamist” are needed in discussing 21st-century terrorism and that federal agencies that avoid the words soft-pedaled the link between religious extremism and violent acts. “We must reject the […]

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