AGW Today: Green Jobs, Kids, And Symbolism

Mother Nature Network is worried about the GOP

Republican gains in the next Congress will likely curtail spending on green construction projects, but the sector promises to be a source of job growth for an economy that sorely needs it, advocates said Tuesday.

Yeah, advocates that have a vested interest in pushing this boondoggle. The funny part is that these greenie weenie climate alarmists are all for creating jobs and projects, until they are actually building or want to build, then they go ballistic and protest to stop the projects, because they might hurt a fish or some desert sand.

MNN claims that come 2012, the US will still need plenty of jobs, and green is the way. If that’s the case, then, after dumping so much stimulus money and talking points since 2009 into creation of green jobs, why are there barely any, and why is the unemployment picture still stagnant at a high rate? Besides, it’s not like Spain proved that 2.2 real jobs are lost for every 1 government subsidized “green” job or something.


Rutgers University Professor Helen Fisher, of the Center for Human Evolution Studies has written for Oprah Magazine and today was on the Joy Behar show talking about women making the choice to be childless. She described having lots of children as littering. But truly that barely rises to the surface as the most offensive thing in this panel discussion from hell.

Video is available at the link, and, as the story goes on to point out, what is worse is that all the idiots actually agreed with Fisher. For all you folks who sorta believe in globull warming, but, aren’t hardcores, doesn’t this make you proud to be a part of the movement?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give up your car for one day? How about what it would be like to give up your car for one day in Los Angeles? Could you do it for seven days?

That’s exactly what two actors from ABC’s crime series “Castle” decided to try with The Alternative Travel Project. For seven days over the course of one month, Seamus Dever and Stana Katic traded sitting in their cars in bumper-to-bumper L.A. traffic for moving with their own two feet. They biked, took the bus and walked their way around a city not known for its public transportation system.

Oh, goody, a whole seven days. Why not give up use of petroleum powered vehicles permanently, rather than a purely symbolic gesture?

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  1. captainfish says:

    Sometimes, I wonder why we have to leave Darwin Awards to after the person’s life ends. Sometimes, I think we need to merge Minority Report with Darwin Awards.

    Some people are just so stupid that you know that they will kill themselves in the future and it would be better for society if they were taken out early.

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