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Recent Comments On Sidebar

Rod pointed out that the recent comments widget on the sidebar was no longer working. Looks like the plugin is incompatible with the most recent version of WordPress. And the plugin no longer appears at I’ve turned on the internal one that comes with WordPress, but, it just shows who and on what post, […]

2015 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

2015 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners Announced: Winners: @WilliamTeach @wattsupwiththat @rsmccain @GraniteGrok — Doug Ross (@directorblue) December 28, 2015 Thank you to Doug Ross, it’s an honor. And congratulations to all the other winners.

Pirate’s Cove Makes Newsmax Top 50 Blogs

Along with some good blog friends, thanks to Theodore Kettle Newsmax’s Top 50 Conservative Blogs of 2015 ….. Conservative blogs have electrified our 223-year old First Amendment like nothing the Founding Fathers could ever have foreseen. Here are the top 50 conservative blogs: 27. Pirate’s Cove – Blogmeister “William Teach” uses pinup photos to lure readers […]

Belief In Witches And UFOs Higher Than For Obama’s Net Neutrality Plan

Most people understand that heavy handed government regulation is a Bad Idea, at least when it comes to that same heavy handed government regulation directly affecting their own lives (CNS News) Matthew Berry, chief of staff to Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai,pointed out that only nine percent of Americans support the commission’s plan to regulate […]

Prayers For Mandy Nagy

Legal Insurrection has the story Our beloved Mandy Nagy, also known as Liberty Chick, had a stroke yesterday and brain surgery to relieve the pressure today. I am in touch with Mandy’s mom, who approved me letting people know via Legal Insurrection. Before surgery, Mandy also was able to nod approval with a small smile, […]

Political Clown Parade Offers 2nd Annual Paul Revere Awards

I’ve been a bit remiss in mentioning this from the other day, Political Clown Parade offers up her 2nd Annual Paul Revere Award, and lists me with some great company. Make sure you head on over and pay a visit to all those listed.

Doug Ross Announces 2013 Fab50 Awards

Awesome! So we’re more than pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, the most prestigious new media awards in the conservative blogosphere. Or, at the very least, in the 993 area code. Doug was kind enough to include me in the Best All Around Blogging category with some other excellent […]

DaleyGator’s Top 25 Blogs Now

Doug at The Daley Gator has his list of his top 25 blogs right now, and he was awesome to include Pirate’s Cove. Most of the blogs on the list are ones I have on my feedreader, as well. Go check it out! I was going to wait till the IAYS post, but, nah, giving […]

On Comment Count Being Wrong

Many of you have noticed that sometimes the comment count can be off. For instance, on either the main page or in single post it might say “5” but there might be one or none. It’s been a bane for me for years. The count is including all those comments in the spam cue. I’ve […]

What Blogs Would You Recommend?

I’m looking to add a few more blogs to my feedreader, increasing the pool for the If All You See.. posts and Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup. Over time, many that I’ve followed for a long time have drifted away from blogging. Who would you recommend?

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