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Seriously, A Conservative Would Not Pose With His Gun In A Red G-String

This should be givaway #1 that Loughner is in no way a Conservative Law enforcement officials said Friday they have multiple photos of Jared L. Loughner posing with a Glock 9mm pistol next to his naked buttocks and dressed in a bright red g-string. It is the same model of weapon as the one the […]

Unhinged And Uncivil Liberal Tells Republicans To Be Civil

I knew I shouldn’t have visited Fark this morning, because I ran across this deranged raving at The Stranger, an actual news cite in Washington state Crosshairs and Consequences: The 2012 Presidential Campaign Officially Begins And the first thing you see after the headline? Well, that’s civil, don’t you think? So, if anyone attempts to […]

Shocker! UC Berkeley Chancellor Links Arizona Shooting To SB 1070

Isn’t it great that supposedly smarter than everyone else liberals, such as UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, so often jump the gun without any actual, you know, evidence? The chancellor at University of California, Berkeley, has sent a campus-wide e-mail linking the Tucson shootings with Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants and the failure of the […]

Say, About That 2010 Was Hottest/Tied For Hottest Meme…

The always excellent Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That? tears the press releases from NOAA/NASA apart using….their own data! (Hint: 2010 ranked 94 out of 116, with 116 (1998) being the hottest year in their database)

Fish Wrap: Military Needs To Go Green To Save Lives

And not just anyone a the NY Times, but, a retired Army Brigadier General, Steven M. Anderson, who says we need to Do Something, but, doesn’t really get around to say what we Should Do, just, Do Something Save Energy, Save Our Troops Well, who could disagree with that? Which is why I personally like […]

Carolyn McCarthy’s Gun Bill Sneakily Restrictive

Remember back to the earlier part of the week, when we were discussing what kind of handgun bill would be introduced by Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), she had said she wanted something common sense, that wouldn’t get the NRA in her face. That notion went right out the window with her proposed legislation The fiercest gun-control […]

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