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New Era Of Civility Obviously Ignored In Good Liberal Los Angeles

Ever notice these types of stories almost never occur in Conservative strongholds? A fatal hit-and-run in Hawthorne left one man dead, a good Samaritan injured by another car when she attempted to help, and the motorist who stopped to check on her after allegedly striking her beaten and robbed by a mob of bystanders. The […]

Warmist Brent Budowsky Thinks World Is 100 Years Old

That jibes humorously with the headline: Right wing denies facts, ignores science, helps reelect Obama Recently we learned that 2009 was tied for the warmest year in the history of the planet. The last decade was the warmest decade in the history of the planet. This week we learned that House Republicans want to raise […]

Graffiti Threatens Ca. Gov. Jerry Brown With Death On Valentine’s Day

Obviously, this is the work of the TEA Party/Conservatives Both Santa Ana police and Gov. Jerry Brown’s security detail on Friday are trying find out who wrote graffiti on two walls threatening to kill the new governor on Valentine’s Day. The graffiti, which threatened the governor and included a Nazi swastika, was discovered Thursday and […]

Will Obama Push Climate Alarmism During State Of The Union?

That’s what The Politico is wondering, saying that the Alarmist-(who keeps his thermostat really high, drives in massive gas guzzlers, and takes many unnecessary fossil fueled airplane trips)-In-Chief is being pressured to do just that In two previous big speeches on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama planted global warming and energy near the top of […]

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