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Obligatory “Himalayan Glaciers Not Melting” Post

Remember when all the Climategate issues were coming to light, and we were finding out more and more that the IPCC findings were complete BS? And all the alarmists said “well, but, that means nothing, because the science is still sound?” Um, yeah, about that, vis a vis the Himalayas Himalayan glaciers not melting because […]

Say, What’s Your State Worst At?

Via The Troglopundit, we learn get this gem from Pleated Jeans Pop over to the link to see a bigger size. On the home front: North Carolina: lowest average teacher salary I do find it ironic that California is worst on air pollution. And, hey, what the hell is up with the state of Washington? […]

Northeast Digging Out From Big Blast Of Globull Warming

Look, I’m not saying that global warming, primarily caused by natural forces, hasn’t happened. I’ve said and written this time and time again. What I am saying is that nature does what nature wants to do, and that all this massive blasts of winter, the stagnation of temperatures, and everything else that is occurring doesn’t […]

Media Attempt To Marginalize Michelle Bachmann Gets Into Swing

One question surrounding Michelle Bachmann is “will she or won’t she run for president in 2012?” (I’m hoping she will) Another is “how much influence will she have on the GOP politics of the next two years, keeping the GOP on the road they were elected to follow?” Obviously, both questions are worrisome to the […]

Good News, London, Climate Change Will Destroy You

Time for another scarefest, via our alarmists buddies at Treehugger Time Out, London’s weekly events-listing magazine, has asked experts to describe the impact of great catastrophes on the capital city. Many are related to climate change and the outlook is not good. A scientist outlined the effect of global temperatures rising by 4C, something that […]

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