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Snap! Obama Says To Hold Him Accountable In 2011

Well, not so much himself, but, a nebulous “us” should be held accountable. I wonder if that includes hitting him in the face with a pie? Well, if you hit Boehner with a pie, you probably won’t get charged. If you hit a Democrat, it might take 4 months to be charged with assault. Anyhow, […]

Happy New Year’s Day! (16 Images)

A New Year’s Prediction Challenge For Climate Alarmists

Happy New Year’s! Welcome to 2011, and a new decade. And one year closer to End Of Life As We Know it. 2150 and 2200 are fast approaching, the primary dates that the climate alarmists always want to use to denote when Earth is going to burn, baby, burn in fire, dan dan daaaan, fire, […]

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