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Pre-Friday Stupid: Michelle Obama Blamed For Jump In Pedestrian Deaths

A pre-Friday dose of stupid The Governors Highway Safety Association says pedestrian deaths increased in the first half of 2010 and the First Lady’s program to get Americans to be more active could be partly responsible. Governors Highway Safety Administration spokesman Jonathan Adkins told 630 WMAL that Michelle Obama is “trying to get us to […]

George Monbiot: “Eco-Terrorism? What Eco-Terrorism?”

Because I knew you needed some more from the unhinged: Eco-terrorism: the non-existent threat we spend millions policing This is what the head of a police unit set up to monitor domestic extremism said in 2009: “I’ve never said – and we don’t see – that any environmentalist is going to or has committed any […]

Alarmist Caroline Lucas Says Globull Warming “Too Awful To Contemplate”

Today’s dose of “seriously?” The Imperial War Museum in London may seem like a strange place to launch a report on climate change. But that’s where I am this morning, along with speakers from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research, the Women’s Institute and the museum itself. Why? Two reasons. First, climate change is one […]

Dick Cheney Makes Liberal Heads Further Explode By… Agreeing With Them!

It’s truly amusing when there are certain positions that Bush and/or Cheney took that pretty much mirrored the Left side positions. Remember the whole amnesty debate, when Bush’s position was essentially the same as the Democrats? It took liberals a good day or say to figure out a way to bash him for taking the […]

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