Daily Archives: January 21, 2011

Will Defense Department Cuts Doom Our Air Superiority?

Today’s must read comes from Bruce McQuain at The Washington Examiner (make sure to also check out Bruce’s posts at Q&O, a blog I have long read) “There has not been a single soldier or Marine who lost his life in combat due to a threat from the air in over 56 years.” Let that […]

Oh, Great, Now Obama Is Literally Robbing Banks

Is there nothing the man won’t stoop to? Say, isn’t that the president with a gun in his hand? Actually, no, but it sure looks like it. Austrian authorities are searching for a bank robber who uses an unusual disguise: He wears a Barack Obama mask during his holdups. Oh, sorry, not actually Obama. Just […]

States Look Towards Bankruptcy To Avoid Crushing Debt

I’ve mentioned many times the dire straights the States are in economically, mostly thanks to liberal policies (they aren’t solely to blame, though. Republican overspending is a part, too). The NY Times is finally noticing this, too. Interestingly, they never mention that the majority of States in really, really bad shape have been mostly run […]

Whew! Top 10 Leading GOP Contenders Are Mostly On The “Screw The Climate” Side

Our old pall Lisa Hymas is back to inform us about 10 GOP presidential contenders, 10 different ways to screw the climate. This is a break from her normal hyperbole, typically about being a GINK (green inclinations, no kids), how having kids (known as little carbon footprints) is bad, a focus on population being bad, […]

Snap! Obama Plans To Reboot On Economic Advice

After two years of mostly bad ideas on how to handle the recession, which turned into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, which happened while Democrats were in control of the federal government, Obama is looking to reboot! Which should lead to more great failed sloganeering, like “Recovery Summer”. Thankfully, Obama won’t have […]

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