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Activists Upset Mexico And Brazil Governments “Didn’t Do Anything” On Monkeypox

This is what happens when people are taught that government is the be all, that everything requires government action, that personal responsibility doesn’t exist ‘The government didn’t do anything’: Mexican, Brazilian monkeypox responses draw concern Francisco’s lesions started after returning home to Mexico City from California in late June: First, two spots on his buttocks. […]

NY Times: Expand Your World, Hit The Beach In Alabama

The NY Times opinion pages have given a platform to comedian W. Kamau Bell, the host of The United Shades Of America on CNN, to write what might be one of the best opinion pieces I’ve read in the Times in I cannot tell you how long. It is primarily aimed at the Liberals who […]

University Of Missouri President Resigns, Yale Losing Their Minds

Two interesting stories (Yahoo Sports) University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe has resigned. Wolfe announced his decision during a Board of Curators meeting on the Univeristy of Missouri-Columbia campus on Monday. And (Daily Caller) Last week, a real-life South Park episode somehow took place within the very prestigious confines of Yale University. In the lead-up […]

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Calls For More Gun Control

Bear with me here. Twitchy has a post up about this subject SHINING A LIGHT ???? & ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT ???? CONTROL SEEMS TO BRING THE SAME DEFENSIVE RESPONSES INSTEAD OF STIMULATING DEBATES & SOLUTIONS. — ???? (@NikkiSixx) October 6, 2015 Please stop your bumper sticker quotes about ???? and start a healthy conversation about […]

42% Of French Say Cartoons That Upset Muslims Shouldn’t Be Published

I actually have a bunch of “climate change” articles saved to Pocket, but this article, via Hot Air headlines, intrigued me (UK Guardian) Four out of ten French people want the press to avoid publishing further cartoons that will upset the Muslim community, according to a poll published on Sunday. While supporting the idea of […]

Proper Gym Behavior

This especially applies to small community gyms, like where I go in my golfing community. Get the heck off your phone call, or go outside. Use some sort of headset (there’s a sign at my gym which says this, yet a few people have to do their own thing. I’ve asked politely, and when rebuffed, […]

What Happens When Almost Everything Is Considered Sexist?

There is real sexism in the world. It’s also a two way street, but, let’s be honest, most sexism is from men towards women. One thing to consider is what is really sexist and what isn’t. Is Augusta National, which pretty much excludes women, sexist? If so, then wouldn’t a women only health club or […]

Are Corporations People?

One of the whiny tropes from Leftists regarding the ruling for Sebelius v Hobby Lobby is that corporations are not people. One can find a gazillion (slightly more than a sh*tload) examples in blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts, op-eds, editorials, and so forth. So, are corporations people? Remember back to the last general election when Mitt […]

Join Or Die

Yesterday, I had a post discussing elected officials not getting the benefits from seniority anymore, which led to a discussion of term limits and repealing the 17th Amendment. Bob from The Camp Of The Saints had an interesting post entitled Join Or Die, playing off a comment from protein wisdom, which was about electing all […]

Treacher: Is It OK To Not Give A Hoot About Cliven Bundy?

Good question (Daily Caller) I haven’t been following the Cliven Bundy case because, believe it or not, southwestern grazing disputes have never been among my interests. I know the Daily Caller has done stories about him because I’ve seen the headlines, but I haven’t followed the whole thing. I haven’t written a word about him […]

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