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Yesterday, I had a post discussing elected officials not getting the benefits from seniority anymore, which led to a discussion of term limits and repealing the 17th Amendment. Bob from The Camp Of The Saints had an interesting post entitled Join Or Die, playing off a comment from protein wisdom, which was about electing all these folks in 2010 and generally getting little out of it, and how we’ve been worn down. Bob writes

I think Dicentra is quite correct: for over a century the Left In America has been slowly wearing us down, making us believe that we cannot ‘fight city hall’, that attempting to do so is a grand waste of time. They’ve done this primarily through the actions of the Bureaucrats who serve them [though some of these Apparatchiks are so ignorant, they think they are merely serving their own criminal intentions, when, in fact, the Left encourages them to continue on, all in the name of ‘collapsing The System’, and, thus, reaps the better, more useful benefit].

But there is another factor that plays a big part in the acquiescence of Americans to Tyranny: a sizeable portion of our population are content to enjoy the Luxuries and Entertainments and Sexual License offered by a Society that has liberated itself from Morality and leave everything else to those who gain satisfaction from wielding Power And Control. And the sad thing is, the Despots did not have to contaminate our water systems with Soma — these Libertines did it to themselves voluntarily, of their own Free Will. They have decided that satisfaction of their Desires is much more important than the safeguarding of their Lives, their Liberties, and their True Happiness. They have gladly and willingly sold their Souls for the orgasmic thrills of Enjoyments without meaning.

He continues on, make sure to read the whole thing, ending with the notion of marshaling our resources to save the Republic that the Founding Fathers handed to us.

To add on to that, one of the big problems, as I alluded to yesterday, is that so many in the Republican Party are complicit in the growth of government and the tyranny of the Progressive state. Let’s not forget, Jonah Goldberg referred to Progressives as “nice fascists”. They’re doing things “for your own good”. Many Republican progressives can do good things for Conservatives, but, at the end of the day, they are also dangerous in their fascistic tendencies. Glenn Beck discusses this quite often. Think Lindsay Graham. It may not come in the form of squishy social programs all the time. Sometimes it comes in other forms. Think Peter King, who was Tough On Islamists, on national defense. But, then we learn he’s also more than willing to attack Conservatives who have significant concerns over the growth of the Surveillance State. Consider this: despite all the outcry from Conservatives over the NSA spying revelations, what has really been done? Conservatives and liberals agreed that the spying on Americans was Very Bad. Did Congress really do anything substantive to stop it? No.

How about concern over the use of drones domestically? Despite the impassioned please by folks like Rand Paul, nothing done.

Getting incumbents out of office is tremendously difficult. They have all the resources of being there, and those that play ball with the establishment are in like flynn. Challenge, and you could be in for a world of hurt. Think about Christine O’Donnell. She was the candidate picked by the Republican voters in Delaware. The GOP establishment was so livid about this that the National Republican Senatorial Committee immediately announced that they would not provide funds. That created a serious WTF! moment. When she was being attacked personally in all sorts of manners, they refused to help. Could she have won? Yes. It would have been close. But our Establicons made sure she had no chance. They did not want her. Likewise, there were several other Tea Party backed Senatorial candidates that they refused to get behind.

To wrap up, Glenn Beck has said many times that now is not the time for armed revolution, for fighting in the street. He says that right now it is time to turn to God. My question would be “when is it the right time to actually fight?” Might we wait too long to fight for our country? I mentioned on book yesterday, I’ll mention another today: Thy Kingdom Fall, by Austin Dragon. The central premise is the loss of religion, religion and the religious being attacked. Much like so much conservative talk radio, Mr. Dragon understands that the first thing he has to do is be entertaining. Otherwise, the message could be lost. This is why lefty talk radio never achieves even a fraction of the audience that conservative talk radio does. One of the things mentioned late in the book is that the religious waited too long as they and their principles were attacked, as morals were done away with, so many of the things Bob mentions occurring. When is the time to fight back? Could that time have already passed us by?

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5 Responses to “Join Or Die”

  1. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    We wont have another war. We are too fat and lazy. Besides, the military and police are too trained to do what they are told. And half of them are there for the power. The National Guard on the other hand might be more on the people’s side.

    And, the military and police have tanks and big explody things that the average citizen does not have.

    And we would not have the media either. We’ve already been labeled terrorists by the media and this gov’t. If we move on them, it will play in to their hands. It will be a mass slaughter of a free-for-all turkey-shoot.

    Tanks and armed drones would be commonplace on American soil. Targeted drone air strikes will make Terminator movies look tame.

    However, if this coming 2014/2016 elections don’t restore some balance, that ticking clock will move substantially closer.

  2. John says:

    Sexual license??? Haha. Here is a conservative who apparently wants less sex !!! As a cure for societies ills
    Better stop with those pics Teach
    Conservatives were all in on surveillance and authorative rule when bush was POTUS
    When Cheney said that the power of the POTUS in time of wAs was unlimited marry a peep wAs heard from the radical right
    When Snowden and wiki leaks and Manning exposed how bad things were they were called traitors
    Even Glenn Beck now realizes the Iraq war was a huge mistake

  3. david7134 says:

    Conservatives were not into Bush. I don’t know why you keep up that thought. No conservatives that I know are into the Patriot act, the TSA, Homeland insecurity or any of the other agencies that have taken our freedom. But what I do know is that Obama has had unfettered ability to alter or eliminate these agencies and his response has been to double down. Bush was a liberal and gave rise to the Tea Party and the term RINO. But in terms of progressive government, both parties acknowledge a desire to continue with the freedom robing activities of the last several decades, and more if we look at Wilson and FDR. Conservatives, at least those who know the stakes, do not want government control of morality or anything else. We want a return to government as it was in the early 1800’s. That means no voting if you don’t have a card in the game. But we really don’t have to worry as Obama, your man crush, has set the stage for the destruction of the country. When the economy takes its last breath, then we will see people who will begin to act. I just wonder if this is the intention of Obama and group.

  4. Jeffery says:

    True Conservatives:

    Would you be so kind to list the several most significant suppressions of your freedoms that incites you to armed rebellion?


    A heavily armed liberal.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Teachie et al,

    Would you be so kind to list the several most significant suppressions of your freedoms that incites you to armed rebellion?

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