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Surprise! Study Finds Western Antarctica Melting Mostly Due To Geothermal Processes

Jo Nova wondered when the original DOOOOOM story about Western Antarctica melt was released whether it could be due to volcanic activity. Surprise? Today she writes Only last week I wondered if West Antarctic volcanoes had something to do with the Antarctic warming and pointed out this strange coincidence below where almost all the warming […]

If All You See…

…are lovely wind turbines which should be erected far away from where you live, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Science, with a post on how 2014 is shaping up, temperature wise.

Some Dems See “Climate Change” As A Winning Issue

Well, it’s certainly not as dangerous as campaigning on support of Ocare (NY Times) He is a Democrat in a marquee Senate race, pressed by a strong Republican in a state with a challenging political environment. So when a new proposal to limit power plant emissions was seen as posing a threat to allies of […]

People Heading To The ER In Droves Under Obamacare

Who woulda thunk it? (Courier Journal) It wasn’t supposed to work this way, but since the Affordable Care Act took effect in January, Norton Hospital has seen its packed emergency room become even more crowded, with about 100 more patients a month. That 12 percent spike in the number of patients — many of whom […]

White House: Some Soldiers Can Be Left Behind

In relation to Bowe Bergdahl, Obama has said many times since the swap “We don’t leave men and women in uniform behind”, or something to that tune. He even doubled down by adding “We don’t condition that.” Of course, the issue isn’t Bergdahl, but a failure to notify Congress and, #1, trading 5 high ranking Taliban […]

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