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Sargent: The GOP Is Now Officially The Party Of “Get The Hell Out” Or Something

If only Greg Sargent was right on this The GOP is now officially the party of ‘get the hell out’ Exactly one year after the Senate passed an immigration reform bill that built a compromise on an exchange of increased enforcement for legalization for the 11 million, Republicans have now officially abandoned any pretense of […]

Know What Is Destabilizing Iraq? Climate Change, Of Course!

It’s so simple! (Slate) Could there be a connection between climate change and the emerging conflict in Iraq? The short answer is a qualified yes, according to Frank Femia of the Center for Climate and Security, a Washington-based policy institute advised by senior retired military and national security leaders. He explained in a phone interview: […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that is rising up to cover the land that has been turned into desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Coyote Blog, with a post on the fabricated data kerfuffle.

Know What We Need To Fight Hotcoldwetdry? Better Communication!

No, seriously, you guys, because they haven’t been attempting to communicate for over 25 years on the subject Improved communication between experts and the public key in winning battle to curb climate change, claims expert Scientists need to become more humble and to completely re-think the way they communicate if the battle to curb climate […]

Lois Lerner Was Super Concerned Over Lost Private Documents

Her official emails? Not so much (Fox News) Computer experts and Republican lawmakers are poking holes in IRS claims that the agency did all it could to retrieve embattled ex-official Lois Lerner’s allegedly “lost” emails, which the agency blames on a 2011 hard-drive crash. (snip) But Lerner’s communications with the agency’s IT team referred to […]

Good News: Obama Kicks Of Summer Road Show

Because he cares about average Americans and is totally in touch with what you care about, or something (Politico) President Barack Obama headed out of Washington on Thursday to offer assurance to Americans that he hasn’t lost touch with the issues that guide their daily lives — or their complaints about the political system. “Are […]

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