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Warmist Uses Little Ice Age To Position Climate Change As Bad

I’ve read this bit of climainsanity 4 times, and it gets nuttier each time (Daily Beast) In the 14th century, four centuries of mild weather came to an abrupt halt in Europe. Famine and frigid temperatures ensued, and roughly 10 percent of the population died. “‘Natural’ disasters are most disastrous when humanity gives them a […]

If All You See…

…is a fish that surely died from the acidic ocean, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Theo Spark, with a post offering Boehner and McConnell terms of their surrender.

Bummer: Climate Change May Prevent Contact With Alien Civilizations

Is there anything that Hotcoldwetdry can’t mess up? (Phys.org) Enrico Fermi, when asked about intelligent life on other planets, famously replied, “Where are they?” Any civilisation advanced enough to undertake interstellar travel would, he argued, in a brief period of cosmic time, populate its entire galaxy. Yet, we haven’t made any contact with such life. […]

Liberal Media Are Very Concerned Over Cantor’s Primary Loss

They are Very Concerned about the extremists taking over or something. Here’s the NY Times Editorial Board The forces of political nihilism not only remain alive and well within the Republican Party, but they are on the rise. Witness the way they shook Washington on Tuesday by removing from power Eric Cantor, the House majority […]

Criminal Investigation Opened For Phoenix VA

It would have been nice to hear this from the Attorney General, announcing that he is Doing His Job. Alas, no (Fox News) FBI Director James Comey confirmed Wednesday that the bureau’s Phoenix branch has opened a criminal investigation of the Veterans Affairs Department, amid mounting calls on Capitol Hill for the Justice Department to […]

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