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Yet Another Warmist Wants To Shut Down Free Speech

You’re shocked face probably looks more like a yawn, considering how much this happens. Here’s John Cigliano, director of the environmental conservation program at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, as published by Philly.com Don’t give equal time to climate-change deniers Let’s be clear: Climate change is real, it is happening now, we are the cause, […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible plastic bottle of water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post noting Obama opening the federal financial database to law enforcement.

Colorado Pot Activists Unhappy About Paying Taxes On Pot

Wait, I thought liberals were gung ho regarding increased taxation (yes, I know, not all pot smokers are liberals. It’s still a valid point) (Chicago Tribune) A group of marijuana activists in Colorado are suing to prevent the government collecting taxes derived from the state’s legal pot industry, saying it violates the right against self-incrimination […]

Good News: Obama’s Extremist EPA Attempting To Change Rules On Navigable Waters

The Environmental Protection Agency was a great idea when it was signed into law by Richard Nixon. Protecting the environment. Who couldn’t be against an agency that does that? Over the years, though, they’ve been invaded by extremist enviro-wackos, and I’m not sure that we can even call it “mission creep” at this point. More […]

Romney: Say, Obama’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Working Out So Well, Eh?

He hates to say “I told you so”, but, really, he told you so (The Hill) Mitt Romney on Thursday blamed President Obama for the Sunni militants’ takeover of key cities in northern Iraq. “His foreign policy is what has led to these foreign crises all over the world. Try to recapture the lead and […]

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