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Romney: Say, Obama’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Working Out So Well, Eh?

He hates to say “I told you so”, but, really, he told you so (The Hill) Mitt Romney on Thursday blamed President Obama for the Sunni militants’ takeover of key cities in northern Iraq. “His foreign policy is what has led to these foreign crises all over the world. Try to recapture the lead and […]

Romney: “Able leaders anticipate events…”

In 2008 another wise man said: “The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.” Too bad Obama is receiving an F, because he makes America look bad (WSJ) Why, across the world, are America’s hands so tied? A large part of the answer is our leader’s terrible timing. In virtually every foreign-affairs […]

My Two Cents: Why Obama Won And Romney Lost

This will probably be the last post on the meaning of this loss, but, this is part of a conversation I was having with a moderate Republicans who voted Obama and a moderate Liberal who voted Romney late yesterday.  Consider that, in exit polls, 52% said that the country is on the wrong track. Only […]

Why Election 2012 Went Small Ball

I think we all know the reasoning why the presidential campaign looks so small, but, The Politico attempts to ascribe the same type of small campaign to Romney even more than Obama The 2012 election is over at last, and its supporting cast—a complex of operatives and reporters, locked in an embrace of mutual need […]

A Few Things To Remember For People As They Go To The Polls Tuesday

Remember when the MSM told us that the economic conditions under Bush going in to the 2004 elections were terrible? The Lonely Conservative points out the Obama record A few more reasons to vote Romney, or, at least, against Obama, below the fold

Why You Should Vote Romney: Visualize Obama World

An interesting little HuffPo article by Robert Creamer is pulled by Memeorandum, asking people to visualize what Romney World would look like if he’s elected My wife, Jan Schakowsky, and I are friends with a wonderful woman named Bea. Bea is now 95 years old. Bea was born in 1917. She was born in a […]

Obama: Voting The Best Revenge Against Romney

This sounds more like something you’d hear from a candidate running against a long term third world dictator. Or from the guy (Henrique Capriles) who ran against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, not from a sitting US president who acts more like Hugo Chavez (though I’m not sure Chavez spends as much time playing golf and […]

Politico Offers 5 Political Questions Surrounding Hurricane Sandy

As we head into the last week of the 2012 election season, these are a few interesting questions. The answer are more interesting (Politico) 1) Will Mitt Romney’s momentum be stopped? It’s hard to see how the storm helps. The Republican nominee has more than closed the gap with the incumbent over the final weeks […]

Romney Fan Brings The Cuteness

Via Teresamerica and Twitchy So cute – Gov says “I get to meet a superhero!” Little girl responds, “I get to meet my hero!”… — Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 24, 2012

Obama’s Lead Amongst Women Erased By Romney

An interesting poll from the AP, in which women are apparently not impressed with the negative small ball campaign of Obama’s, nor his believing that women only care about their #LadyParts (WRAL) Less than two weeks out from Election Day, Republican Mitt Romney has erased President Barack Obama’s 16-point advantage among women, a new Associated […]

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