Why You Should Vote Romney: Visualize Obama World

An interesting little HuffPo article by Robert Creamer is pulled by Memeorandum, asking people to visualize what Romney World would look like if he’s elected

My wife, Jan Schakowsky, and I are friends with a wonderful woman named Bea. Bea is now 95 years old. Bea was born in 1917.

She was born in a country where women couldn’t vote. In some areas of the country, just fifty years before, slavery had been legal. Collective bargaining was not recognized under the law. Poverty was rampant – especially among the country’s oldest citizens.

Bea was born in a country where there was an unimaginable gulf between a few fabulously wealthy oligarchs, and the masses of ordinary people. It was a country where only a tiny fraction of the population ever went to college – or even graduated from high school – a country were hardly anyone was considered “middle class.” It was a country where there were few regulations to protect health and safety on the job, no national child labor laws, no federal minimum wage, and very little to prevent corporations from recklessly destroying the environment.

Bea was born in a country where people of color were considered second-class citizens and discrimination against them was enshrined into law – a country where gays and homosexuals could be prosecuted for their sexual orientation.

Bea was born in the United States of America.

Ever notice that Democrats can never seem to find something nice to say about America? Anyhow, Robert says Bea was engaged with many great things during her life

She was active building the labor unions that build the middle class. won a living wage, weekends and a 40-hour work week, pensions for retirement, and the passage of Social Security and Medicare that ensured a retirement free of poverty. (labor unions that have artificially increased the cost of business and create thugs, and SS and Medicare are pretty much insolvent)

She marched with the civil rights movement that gave people of color an equal status in American society. (she must have been a Republican at that point, since most Dems were against the Civil Rights Act)

Bea became a public school teacher and helped educate an ever-expanding number of ordinary Americans – watching more and more of them go on to college to fulfill their dreams. (If their dream is now to graduate with massive debt while competing with tons of people to flip burgers in the Obama Economy. Oh, and indoctrination)

Robert goes on this vein, talking about how evil and mean and stuff Romney is, and trying to highlight what a Romney presidency would look like. The same old Liberals whines, thinking that women will be put back in the kitchen, Blacks will be put back on the plantation, only the rich will get an education, etc. Interesting, Robert cannot provide one shred of pro-Obama evidence to support voting for Obama. That’s not particularly surprising, since if one wants to imagine what an Obama win in 2012 would look like one simply has to look back at the past 4 years. What would it bring?

  • $22 trillion in US debt
  • Illegal aliens given amnesty taking American jobs
  • Energy prices through the roof
  • The government providing loans at the taxpayer expense for college with no jobs on the other side
  • America’s credit down graded further
  • Rolling blackouts as more coal plants are shut down and no new ones allowed to be built
  • Foreign allies pushed further away from America
  • Long term unemployment continuing to be at record lengths
  • Use of food stamps and welfare continuing to rise to even higher historic levels
  • People being denied medical procedures by the IPBA
  • Even more people dropping out of the jobs market
  • Savings at record low levels
  • Pay continuing to be low, because it will continue to be an employers market
  • Americans divided even more by the most divisive and petulant president ever

Those are just a few measures. We simply need to look at the last 4 years. What would a Romney presidency look like at the end of 4 years?

  • The US debt reduced from the current $16 trillion
  • The deficit reduced from the continuous trillion dollar plus Obama deficits
  • A budget actually passed
  • Energy prices reduced as America provides it’s own energy
  • An alternative energy market based on projects that actually provide energy, rather than being payback for political support and donations
  • Turning the jobs market into a workers market, where companies are competing for employees by providing ever increasing wages
  • Reaching out to our allies and letting them know we care
  • Standing up for Israel
  • Health insurance reform that actually reduces costs and empowers consumers
  • A military that has respect for their Commander in Chief
  • Americans in harms way will be rescued, rather than left to die
  • People paying for their own food and lives because they are working
  • A reduced tax burden for all Americans
  • Personal savings going up
  • Implementing policies that bring low wage workers up, rather than dragging others down

Those are just a few reasons to vote Romney. Do you want to continue down the road to Greece, or move forward to bringing America back to its great days? Do you want a president who talks of revenge, or do you want a president who works non-stop to increase the prosperity of Americans?

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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3 Responses to “Why You Should Vote Romney: Visualize Obama World”

  1. Cheesy says:

    “A military that has respect for their Commander in Chief”
    May I add
    “and is feared by tyrants, dictators, muslims and trouble makers worldwide.”

  2. Good list. Don’t forget to add “Islamist jihadis”

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    “Islamist jihadis” = Socialist Democrats?

    Great post Teach.

    I wonder if the liberals of NorthEast are now feeling what it means to “rely on government”? Versus those people in states who have learned to rely upon themselves and see their neighbors as gifts.

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