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Noted 1%er Paul Krugram Should Send A Check To The IRS

Here we go The Twinkie Manifesto Yet in the 1950s incomes in the top bracket faced a marginal tax rate of 91, that’s right, 91 percent, while taxes on corporate profits were twice as large, relative to national income, as in recent years. The best estimates suggest that circa 1960 the top 0.01 percent of […]

If All You See…

…is a planet killing plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Sentry Journal, with a post on how people like Bill Kristol will destroy the GOP.

Met Office: Gee, Predicting Future Weather Is Kinda Difficult

And by future weather, they mean the end of the current month The science does not exist to make detailed forecasts for temperature and snowfall for the end of this month, let alone for December or even the winter as a whole with these types of forecasts only able to provide an indication of how […]

As Hamas Recklessly Launches Rockets Into Israel, How Does Israel Respond?

Melanie Phillips points out just how super duper mean Israel has been so far Here is some information about the war between Gaza and Israel that for some unaccountable reason you may have missed today in Britain’s mainstream media. The casualty rate in Gaza from Israeli strikes is astoundingly low Since the beginning of Israel’s […]

Is Sarah Palin The Cure For The GOP?

Just to be clear for those who aren’t aware, I’m not fan of Sarah Palin anymore. I was once, having rooted for her to be picked as VP back in early 2008. I still think she has great ideas and can reach people, but the way in which she abandoned any run for the 2012 […]

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