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Dumb Ways To Die

Heard this on Glenn Beck this morning. Video is even funnier. And just wait till the ending

If All You See…

…is a drought world caused by someone else taking an unnecessary fossil fueled trip for Thanksgiving, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Five Feet Of Fury, with a post on today’s female singers dressing like sluts.

Finally Back On-line

It looked to me like a DOS attack yesterday based on some data I looked at. Couldn’t get into the SQL database, which meant no website. But, email and FTP worked. Then I changed my password, and it meant I was down longer. Sigh. Big super long thank goodness I wrote it down password now.

Hey, Why Not Spend $6 Billion On Green Silliness As Fiscal Cliff Approaches?

Hey, he’s already wasted over $10 billion here at home on “green” failure, why not do the same elsewhere? (CNS News) The White House announced the federal government will spend $6 billion over four years for a “sustainable energy future” plan with Asian countries that involves loaning tax dollars to other countries to increase their […]

San Francisco Barely Decides That Public Dangly Bits Is Illegal

In most areas of the country, banning public nudity would be a slam dunk. Sure, most guys appreciate some nudity, but, um, generally in SF what you see aren’t pretty women heading off nude, but, old hairy men showing their dangly bits (Politico) San Francisco lawmakers disappointed committed nudists Tuesday by narrowly approving a ban […]

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