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Surprise! Green Taxes Raising Cost Of Energy In UK

I know, I know, it’s shocking that this would happen (via Tom Nelson) (The Sunday Times) ENERGY companies will launch a fightback in the row over soaring household bills with a new report that claims government-imposed “green” charges are driving up prices. Politicians pilloried the “big six” utilities for a flurry of recent rate rises […]

If All You See…

…is a planet killing bottle of beer releasing CO2, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Science, with a post on the seemingly endless lies from Warmists.

Judge Says “Nyet” To Santa Monica Nativity Display

The grinches are showing up early this year (LA Times) The city of Santa Monica can bar seasonal displays, including a Nativity scene that has appeared in Palisades Park for nearly 60 years, a federal judge ruled Monday. In a closely watched case that has attracted national attention, Judge Audrey B. Collins denied a request from […]

Schoolkids Won’t Know What the North Cascades Highway Looks Like

Won’t someone think of the children? The Washington Transportation Department closed the North Cascades Highway at noon Monday because of heavy snow and avalanche danger. The department says there were three slides and more than 4 inches of snow within 90 minutes. Obviously, the snow was caused by too much heat or something. Mt. Rainier, […]

Surprise! GOP Governors “Stonewall” Key ObamaCare Provision

Talking Points Memo is shocked, shocked!, that Republican governors would leave the job of setting up the exchanges to the Central Government Planning Office Late last week more than a dozen Republican governors declared that they will not build the insurance market exchanges called for by the Affordable Care Act, including prominent names like Bobby […]

Pre-Thanksgiving Rite: Warmists Bring Scary Stories

Before virtually every holiday the believers in “climate change” trot out all sorts of scary stories about how mankind’s release of greenhouse gases will ruin the holiday in the future. This year’s w(h)inner is Mother Jones This Is Your Thanksgiving on Climate Change Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about bounty, right? Cornucopias? Tables groaning […]

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