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Goracle Pushes Sad Little Pledge To Stop “Dirty Weather”

Can you guess what’s missing from the pledge? (via Tom Nelson) “I pledge my name in support of a better tomorrow, one fueled by clean energy. I demand action from the world’s leaders to work toward developing clean energy solutions. I pledge to demand action from our leaders. And I pledge to share this global […]

Obama Fiscal Cliff Plan: 73% New Taxation

During the campaign and previous rounds of talks, (NMP) Obama pushed $3 in cuts for every $1 in new taxation. Of course, just like happened with Reagan, the tax increases would come now, with the cuts down the road, which would never materialize. During the debate he pushed $2.50 cuts to $1 increases. What’s the […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful Socialist nation being flooded thanks to those evil capitalists, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Theo Spark, who points out that free stuff ain’t free.

Stimulus Recipient ReVolt Technology Files For Bankruptcy

Yet another Obama backed company down the tubes The parent company of a taxpayer-backer battery technology company has filed bankruptcy in a Norwegian court. Portland-based ReVolt Technology, whose parent company is in Norway, said last month it would file bankruptcy because it had been unable to raise new capital or find a buyer. The company […]

Restaurant Owner To Charge ObamaCare Surcharge To Customers

For the most part, what ObamaCare will do to the economy and people’s lives has so far been an abstract concept. Sure, there are a few tangible effects, such as the 10% tax on tanning bed usage, and a few people with pre-existing conditions purchased health insurance (at enormous cost), but the true costs haven’t […]

Obama: Fixing Economy Takes Precedence Over Hotcoldwetdry Legislation

That’s how Politico positions (NMP) Obama’s comments on the climate change hoax, somewhat breaking the hearts of Warmists everywhere Climate change will take a back seat to efforts to boost the economy in the near term, but the issue would return to the agenda in the future, President Barack Obama said Wednesday. “I think the […]

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