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Warmists Trot Out Knew Thing: Climate Alignment

Once you get beyond all the Duckspeak and “we’re all in this together”, it’s really just another form of government forcing the private sector to act in a certain manner The Way The World Needs To Move Forward On Climate Action: Climate Alignment To make fundamental breakthroughs in addressing the causes of climate change, we […]

Surprise: Business Owners Considering Leaving Minneapolis Over Potential Police Defunding

Obviously, no one saw this coming Dozens Of Minneapolis Businesses Consider Leaving, Cite Possibility Of Police Being Dismantled Dozens of Minneapolis businesses are considering leaving downtown, citing concerns about the possibility of the police department being dismantled, CBS Minnesota reported. A survey by the Downtown Council shows 45 business owners say they are considering leaving […]

North Carolina Set To Enter Phase 2 Reopening, But Bar And Gym Owners Stunned

North Carolina governor Rory Cooper is taking an even handed tone in reopening NC, but, might he be looking at some lawsuits in short order? North Carolina will move into Phase 2 on Friday; Salons, restaurants can reopen but gyms must stay closed Governor Roy Cooper on Wednesday announced another step toward North Carolina’s reopening […]

Police Union Leader, DHS Head Blast NYC Over Releasing Illegal Who Then Murdered 92 Year Old

NYC mayor Bill De Blasio should be charged as a co-conspirator or something NYPD union leader sides with ICE against de Blasio over ‘sanctuary’-tied murder: ‘He owns this’ A top New York Police Department union official on Friday called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to “own” the consequences of the city’s sanctuary policies — while […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will soon!!!!!, rise up and swamp all the land, you might just be a Warmist IAYS The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Pelosi having to miss the 49ers-Vikings game due to TDS. Double shot below the fold, clearing out some of the extra photos, so, check […]

Pinup Part 2

Let’s see if I can finish this in a separate post Animal Magnestism has Gingermageddon. And Friday links. And more during the week. Flopping Aces has the Sunday Funnies. And this week in radical leftism. Diogenes’ Middle Finger has a Good Monday Morning. Vlad Tepes has readers links. Woodsterman has Rule 5. red pill jew […]

Let’s Take It Down A Notch, Shall We?

I’ve ignored it for too long, and usually only mention when someone complains. Take the personal insults down about 30 notches. No more spoofing other poster’s names. No more nasty personal names. No more epithets. We’re adults here, regardless of political affiliation.

Trump Wants Democrats To Embrace Big Government, Er, Green New Deal

On one hand, there’s the old maxim about not interrupting your opponent when they are making a mistake, and the Green New Deal is a big one. We’d usually refer to it as a gaffe in politics, meaning that it says what the Dems really want to do and made the mistake of telling us. […]

Hey, Can We Not Do The Kamala Harris Birtherism Meme, Please?

When it came to the Obama birtherism thing, it sorta made sense. First, because it was a fun way to generate conversation. Second, because it was started by people associated with Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Then you have the notion of how bad Obama’s certificate of live birth looked. It did appear manipulated. And he […]

Tennessee Hit By 4.4 Earthquake, ‘Climate Change’ To Blame

How you can tell when something is a cult Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes Tennessee, Georgia Residents in Tennessee and Georgia got a big surprise Wednesday morning: the rumblings of an earthquake. A magnitude 4.4 earthquake was recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey at around 4:14 a.m. ET, with its epicenter near Decatur, Tenn., which is roughly […]

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