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World Faith Leaders Decide They Would Like To Be Part Of A Cult

Perhaps these “faith leaders” should read their holy books for lessons on what their faith means Global faith leaders call for urgent action on climate change Professor Mohamed Al-Duweini, the representative of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar; and Cardinal Pietro Parolin, representing Pope Francis, headed a delegation of almost thirty faith leaders who signed an […]

Warmist Bill Gates Looks To Come After Agriculture

Who is Bill Gates? Well, he’s a super rich guy who Lefties usually hate because he’s rich, but, he uses Righthink when it comes to issues like Hotcoldwetdry. He is one of the biggest climahypocrites on the planet, living the high life, owns big fossil fueled jets, has massive homes, etc. But, this issue is, […]

Starbucks Learns A Valuable Lesson As Extreme Rainbow Folks Strike

When a business puts Woke/SJW/Virtue Signaling above wise business practices, they shouldn’t be surprised when it turns around and bites them in the posterior Starbucks strike over Pride decor follows LGBTQ anger on hours, benefits Workers at dozens of U.S. Starbucks locations held strikes on Sunday to express their outrage over accusations by the baristas’ […]

NY Times Is Shocked That Defund The Police Failed

They just don’t fully seem to get that most citizens may not like the police when they get pulled over, almost always for something that was their own fault, but, like the notion of being able to call the police when something bad happens to them. They do not want fewer police, and do not […]

North Carolinians Have Mixed Views On Climate Doom

Thirty plus years of spreading awareness and this is the best they can get NC has mixed views on climate change, study finds Less than half of North Carolinians consider climate change an issue deserving urgent action while six out of 10 believe human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels is at least […]

If All You See…

…are palm trees which will soon grow in Siberia from climate doom, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on American’s dumbest governor.

AOC Says It’s Like Slavery To Restrict Non-US Citizens From Voting In D.C.

She’s 7 beers shorts of a 6 pack AOC says GOP reviving ‘legacy of slavery’ by ending non-citizen voting rights in DC Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., implied Wednesday that racism lies behind this week’s push by Republicans to end voting rights for non-citizens in the capital of Washington, D.C. House lawmakers debated a resolution that […]

Please Take It Down A Notch

Let’s minimize the personal attacks, shall we. No reason to get nasty, folks.

Another Test Post

I should really be doing this on my test site, but, whatever This will get deleted after 1pm, trying to see if Buffer will automatically post it at the proper time. Jetpack only gives users 30 free shares to Twitter, have to pay $10 a month now for unlimited now. F that.

White House Advisor: Message Is Getting Lost Because Of Chinese Coronavirus

Well, now, this is a pretty big hot take, considering how bad the Biden administrations response was Wuhan Flu, along with Democrat politicians during both the Trump and Biden administrations. No need to explain, you know what they did Biden adviser blames COVID-19 for Democrats’ difficulty in drawing enthusiasm for their messages Former Atlanta mayor […]

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