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New Twitter Account

I got the permanent suspension from Twitter, and, of course, they do not explain why, even after asking them a second time. I’m assuming it is simply due to being a conservative. My new account is @WTeach2, or just click here. Follow me and I’ll follow back. Have to rebuild.

CoC: The Best Time To Talk About Climate Doom Is During The Summer

One thing I notice during the warm months is an uptick in stories that mention global warming "To get people talking about climate change, publish your study during a hot summer" Science! — Tom Nelson (@tan123) August 8, 2018 From the screed  “Domino-effect of climate events could move Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state” is […]

‘Climate Change’ Made Lobsters Awesome, But Will Kill Them In The Future Or Something

It’s always some sort of doom with these people Climate Change Brought a Lobster Boom. Now It Could Cause a Bust. At 3:30 in the morning on a Friday in late May, the lobstermen ate breakfast. Outside, their boats bobbed in the labradorite water, lit only by the dull yellow of streetlamps across the bay. […]

Hundreds Turn Out To Protest….Being Called Out For Grilling In Wrong Section

I’ve covered this in a couple posts, and it’s a very simple concept: parks establish specific areas to grill out for a variety of reasons. And when you’re talking about uber-greenie weenies, Progressive, government loving California, of course someone is going to call the cops. And we and up with raaaaacism Hundreds in Oakland Turn […]

Vast Majority In Ontario See Carbon Taxes As Tax Grab, Symbolic

Which, they pretty much are 7 in 10 Ontarians think carbon taxes are just a tax grab: Ipsos poll Carbon tax has been a hotly debated issue in the run-up to next month’s provincial election in Ontario, but most voters think it’s little more than a tax grab and a pointless, symbolic gesture that won’t […]

The Met Office Plans New Definition Of “Heat Wave” Or Something

And you have to know that this will reinforce their Belief in man caused Hotcoldwetdry The Met Office is planning a new heatwave definition for the climate change era The recent bout of hot weather was deemed to be a “hotspell” not a “heatwave”. When is a hotspell a heatwave? It’s a question the UK’s […]

‘Climate Change’ Is Causing Heavy Snow Or Something

  Is there anything that disproves the Warmist assertion that a tiny increase in atmospheric CO2 causes Bad Weather? And impacts everything? How climate change is causing heavy snowfall Picture this: A snowstorm moves in and temperatures are just cold enough for all snow. What happens to that same storm if you add extra moisture […]

College Campuses Full Of Warmists Need To Change Their Hypocritical Behavior

Who’s surprised that all these Concerned Kids, raised on a diet of Spreading Awareness from their Leftist teachers, are failing to live the Warmists life? College campuses need change concerning climate change Did you know that globally, humans buy a million plastic water bottles per minute, according to Ford? College campuses can often be filled […]

Bummer: Fossil Fuels Might Possibly Melt The Planet Or Something

Insane Warmist alert As Fossil Fuels Melt the Planet, Could Climate Change Cause a Nuclear Meltdown? Nearly three dozen nuclear power plants are inadequately protected against major flooding guaranteed to occur after an upstream dam failure – flooding that could easily lead to an accident or meltdown on the scale of the 2011 nuclear power […]

Bummer: There’s Something We’re Not Talking About For ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Folks, we should totally be talking about this One Effect of Climate Change We Aren’t Talking About The San Francisco Bay Area’s flood risk maps, produced by FEMA, use satellite radar to calculate city-by-city threats. One thing they don’t take into account, however: Bay-side cities aren’t just vulnerable to melting ice caps. They’re also sinking […]

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