Trump Authorizes Full Declassification Of All Doc Related To Russia Hoax And Hillary Server

I posed the question last night “does the Credentialed Media ignore the story, like they tried to do with Operation Fast and Furious, or do they circle the wagons and protect Obama, Hillary, and all the people associated with them, like they did with Hillary’s server issue, Benghazi, and IRS targeting, among others?” Well, I see no front page articles on this at ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Washington Post, NY Times, or LA Times. Go figure

Trump Authorizes ‘Total Declassification’ of ‘Any’ and ‘All Documents’ Pertaining to Russia Hoax, and Clinton Email

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night tweeted that he has “fully authorized” the “total Declassication” of any and all documents pertaining to the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. No redactions!” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s tweet was in response to a tweet by RealClearInvestigations journalist Paul Sperry, who had tweeted earlier: “When all the documents are finally declassified, and all the redactions removed from reports, the nation will see that the FBI and CIA not only knew the Russia ‘collusion’ allegations against Trump were a political dirty trick, but that they were in on the trick.”

You see, we already now know this

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents revealing that former CIA Director John Brennan had briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s plan to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia — as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

Ratcliffe declassified two items — two pages of Brennan’s handwritten notes — taken after he briefed Obama on intelligence the CIA received, according to Fox News; and a CIA memo that showed that the CIA referred the matter to the FBI for potential further investigation.

One has to wonder how much Joe Biden knew, and will he be asked about it by reporters and during the next debate. Gregg Jarrett has thoughts

President Trump’s announcement on Twitter Tuesday that he had fully authorized the declassification of all documents related to the Russia investigation is bad news for Hillary Clinton, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett told “Hannity” Tuesday.

“It demonstrates just how immoral, unscrupulous, devious and corrupt Hillary Clinton was,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett said Clinton may have committed a felony in disseminating false information, depending on “how it [the information] was leaked and to whom.”

“I hope that the president’s declassification and removal of the redactions shed light on that because this does appear to be a criminal conspiracy,” he said.

Sadly, too many in the major media will either ignore the story, or circle the wagons, just like the did for Hillary’s server issue, with the assist of people like FBI Director Jim Comey and high ranking FBI agents. If Hillary was a Republican she’d already be in jail for the rest of her life for what she did, along with lots of her people. Now? If history is any indicator, no one is going to jail. The most likely outcome is that Trump is vindicated, as are the people the Justice Department went after.

If Trump wins, though, might we see some movement with prosecution? Not of low ranking fall guys/gals, but, high level? Obviously, the media will say this is political retribution, ignoring the lawlessness that started it.

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3 Responses to “Trump Authorizes Full Declassification Of All Doc Related To Russia Hoax And Hillary Server”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    More ado about nothing from the King of Nothing. Congress should impeach both Obama and Clinton, but only after they follow Trump’s orders and confirm Amy Comey Barrett.

    Trump also ordered his Congress GOPhers to stop all work on further economic stimulus and aid for Americans, so as not to interfere with the confirmation.

    Over 210,000 Americans dead from Covid-19. No end in sight until Trump is gone.

    Why has Trump been in hiding the last couple of days? He was huffing and puffing and looked pretty sick on the balcony Monday night. Who’s running his TrumpTweeter?

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