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The Sports Industry Will Be Made To Comply With Cult Of Climastrology

See, here’s the problem: major and minor league sports leagues and teams have climavirtue signaled on ‘climate change’ already, so, the climate cultists will demand more Opinion: The sports industry must tackle its role in the climate crisis For many people, sports are the love of their life. With screaming fans and dedication that knows […]

If All You See…

…are candle holders which are so much better than evil light bulbs, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Knuckledraggin My Life Away, with a post on a recovering white dude going through a 12 step program.

Say, Could A Shift To State’s Rights Benefit The Left?

Well, in practical terms, no, because the Democratic Party is about power, and wanting full federal control over everything, but, it is cute how Leftist are suddenly thrilled by the notion of actually following the 10th Amendment AS SCOTUS VEERS FURTHER RIGHT, COULD A STATES’ RIGHTS SHIFT BENEFIT THE LEFT? While the expected confirmation of […]

Wrongthink On Climate Change (scam) Disqualifies ACB For Supreme Court Or Something

Climate cultists have received the talking points from the high poobahs in the Cult of Climastrology, as we see from this letter to the editor of the Chicago Sun Times Climate change answer disqualifies Barrett for Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrett has forfeited her right to be on the U.S. Supreme Court due to her […]

No Witness Signature? Those Ballots Won’t Be Counted In North Carolina

This is a very strange article from WRAL on the way the law is applied Agreement reached: Mail-in ballots without witness signatures won’t count in NC The State Board of Elections will go back to its old way of dealing with absentee ballots mailed in without a witness signature: The voter will have to fill […]

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