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Your Vote Matters Or The Planet Will Die Or Something

Unhinged climate cultist John Sutter is missing something important America, if you care about climate, vote like it Linda, a reader in California, wrote to me recently after I invited people to have a dialogue about the looming climate apocalypse. She sent me a question I know many of you have on your minds as US election […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on schools believing they now own your homes.

Unhinged Biden Voters Erupt In Violence After Guy On Moped Crashes, Dies, While Fleeing Police

Apparently, if you’re of a certain racial demographic, you are allowed to commit whatever moving violation you want, and it’s the police’s fault if you kill yourself attempting to flee Protests erupt in Washington following fatal moped crash 12 officers have been injured after the second consecutive night of violent demonstrations in front of a […]

Climate Crisis (scam) Story Will Be Forced On You, And You Will Comply

Apparently, the climate cultists held a 3 day “climate festival” at the end of September, where they yammered on about this and that and the other, while refusing to make their own lives carbon neutral, or, should we say, net zero, as that is the new thing among the Warmists, which allows them to pay […]

Democratic Party Run Cities Boarding Up In Advance Of Election Day Violence

It’s interesting that cities run by and chock full of Democrats need to board up because their Democratic voting citizens could, and probably will, run riot Los Angeles & DC Businesses Brace for Election Day Chaos, Board Up Windows Businesses throughout major cities in America, particularly in California and Washington D.C., are bracing for what […]

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