Democratic Party Run Cities Boarding Up In Advance Of Election Day Violence

It’s interesting that cities run by and chock full of Democrats need to board up because their Democratic voting citizens could, and probably will, run riot

Los Angeles & DC Businesses Brace for Election Day Chaos, Board Up Windows

Businesses throughout major cities in America, particularly in California and Washington D.C., are bracing for what is expected to be a chaotic Election Day full of protests.

Bill Melugin, a journalist for Fox 11 Los Angeles, shared photos to Twitter on Thursday that showed concerned business owners boarding up their windows to avoid damage from protesters and looters on Election Day.

“Driving through downtown LA…so many businesses boarded up & in the process of boarding up,” Melugin wrote.

Beverly Hills Police Chief Dominick Rivetti announced earlier this week that the famed Rodeo Drive will close on Election Day in an effort to combat expected violence and destruction.

Rivetti also stated that the Beverly Hills Police Department would be on “full alert” from Halloween and throughout the election day cycle.

Other photos shared on Twitter throughout the last week have shown business owners in Washington, D.C. preparing for civil unrest on Election Day as they board up their storefront windows.

Chicago officials have also been preparing for political threats and violence on Election Day by holding “all-hazards” drills. Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said  on a conference call

A confidential document obtained by Breitbart News revealed Thursday that a coalition of left-wing groups in Minnesota who fear a Trump victory are preparing for post-election mass unrest while planning to execute wide-scale “strategic disruption.”

What, exactly, would they be protesting, and if they’re so peaceful then why the need to board everything up?

I wonder, though, if they are boarding up in preparation for

Raleigh police warning downtown residents, businesses of possible protests on Friday

Raleigh police have been going door to door, warning downtown businesses and neighboring areas about potential protests expected in the area on Friday night.

Police have been handing out flyers to many downtown businesses and residents who live nearby. They are also encouraging people to enable any security cameras they may have in their homes, to close and secure doors and to be alert. (snip)

Officials with the Raleigh Police Department said it will provide security, crowd control and traffic direction. WRAL News stopped by several local businesses with many employees saying police also warned them about potential protests.

Most of those business owners would not speak on camera for fear of being targeted Friday night.

Might the much of the boarding up stem from warnings about potential “protests” around the nation on Friday, which would then carry through election day, and possibly weeks, since the mail in vote is just going to mess things up? Notice, too, that business owners in a Democratic Party run city are too fearful to actually speak on camera.

Way to destroy your own cities, leftist folks.

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One Response to “Democratic Party Run Cities Boarding Up In Advance Of Election Day Violence”

  1. Est1950 says:

    The wealthy high rises in NYC have hired security guards with machine guns. All across the nation, blue cities are boarding up. They all can see on the ground what no pollster sees from 2000 miles away.

    Suburbs. IN PA 252,000 WOMEN have purchased guns. These are types of information you look for in polling and internals. The left and polling keep suggesting Trump is losing in the suburbs but with an additional 4 million weapons purchased this past year because of looting, rioting and Democrats threats if they don’t like the outcome of the election, there is no way in hell that Trump gets destroyed by suburban women.

    Now I will not predict he wins that vote but polling has him losing it by 14 points. Hogwash. He might lose suburban women by 3-5 points and if that is the extent of the damage in WI, MN, PA then its a Trump Landslide.

    Biden is campaigning in MN. Trump is surging there. First six and now SEVEN mayors of the Iron Range area supported trump this year. Riots and looting and lockdowns has practically destroyed MN. Defunding the police and a surge of gun ownership in the state suggest trump will Flip MN.

    The democrats have lost their mind as the WOKE WALKERS prowl the streets with loudspeakers talking about how they are going to kill your family and your dog. Biden/DEMOCRATS scream for Trump to disavow White Nationalists which he has but the Democrats have actually ON VIDEO encouraged the leftist loons to riot in the streets.

    Some good news for Democrats. Trump is still struggling in MI somewhat. But. Polling in MI has always been horrendously inaccurate.

    Nevada is surging for Trump. A state with a big Hispanic vote and what the left never really understood about Hispanics is that they were never in favor of open borders or a massive influx of Illegals which then take their JOBS. Because once THEY MAKE IT, they don’t want more coming to take their jobs and life. Hence why Trump was in Arizona which is next door to Nevada.

    Even NM is competitive now but it will be a stretch to win NM and while Colorado is closing it will still be a 6 point Biden Win in the San Fransisco of the Mid West.

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