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Climate Cultists Look To Make All New Homes Really Expensive

I just wonder if these same Warmists live in tiny homes that rely solely on wind and solar power Inside the climate battle quietly raging about US homes Some challenges to US climate action are obvious – like when Donald Trump boasts about leaving the international Paris agreement and rolling back pollution rules. But many […]

If All You See…

…are horrible carbon pollution caused rain clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Doug Ross @ Journal, with a post on what changed a Biden voter to now voting for Trump.

Bat Soup Virus Continues To Rise In NYC, Europe

NYC is a big time Democratic Party city, right, one which embraces all the restrictions, right, one which wears masks and even had a snitch line, right? COVID-19 cases in NYC continue to rise as city nears threshold Fueled by coronavirus hot spot zones in Brooklyn and Queens, the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in […]

To Slow ‘Climate Change’ We Need Coronavirus Type Lockdowns For Decades Or Something

The Arizona Mirror is running this little tidbit, something voters should think about Voters must choose whether we fight or ignore climate change (lots of the same whining about ‘climate change’) Voters will make the ultimate decision. Will we be a state that mitigates or ignores climate change? Well, as Arizona voters, and the rest […]

56% Say They’re Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago

The media car run out their polls that have Biden leading Trump (their polls didn’t work out too well in 2016), but, this one might be a bit more important Poll: 56% Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Under Trump Than Four Years Ago Under Obama-Biden A solid majority of 56 percent of Americans […]

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