Climate Cultists Look To Make All New Homes Really Expensive

I just wonder if these same Warmists live in tiny homes that rely solely on wind and solar power

Inside the climate battle quietly raging about US homes

Some challenges to US climate action are obvious – like when Donald Trump boasts about leaving the international Paris agreement and rolling back pollution rules.

But many more play out behind the scenes. One of those is the battle over efforts to make America’s new homes and buildings more energy-efficient.

On one side are the city and state officials trying to go greener, and on the other are real estate developers and the natural gas industry.

The International Code Council, which like the World Series largely concerns Americans, met this week on updating the baseline codes that most states and cities adopt for new buildings. The council is reviewing about two dozen proposals that would, for example, require builders to install electrical outlets near gas stoves that may one day be replaced with electric ones; and to wire enough power to garages where people may one day want to plug in electric cars.

It’s a longer article, but, the short of it is that these climate cultists are attempting to make homes artificially much more expensive. They can’t just mind their own damned business, and will turn everywhere just like home prices in places like San Francisco if they continue. These aren’t safety measures, they’re stuff that makes homes more expensive with little return, and energy more expensive, since they keep legislating away the use of natural gas.

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5 Responses to “Climate Cultists Look To Make All New Homes Really Expensive”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Create policies that make housing expensive and unaffordable. Then whine about unaffordable housing.

  2. UpNorth65 says:

    Agree with your argument to a point. The electric outlets you speak of will add some nominal cost, but that will be much less than if these outlets need to be retrofitted. Plus, I’d argue those features will help with resale. I do not have a 240v circuit in the garage but in hindsight it would have come in very handy — not even considering EV battery charging.

  3. Dana R. Pico says:

    Our esteemed host quoted:

    The council is reviewing about two dozen proposals that would, for example, require builders to install electrical outlets near gas stoves that may one day be replaced with electric ones; and to wire enough power to garages where people may one day want to plug in electric cars.

    While I would never require such, those are actually pretty smart ideas. The additional electrical rough-in costs for both of these things is minimal, maybe $100 for each one if they are far from the circuit breaker box, and less if closer. It’s far less expensive to do these things during the rough in phase than it is to go back and install them after the walls have already been sheetrocked.

    I already intend to add a NEMA 14-50 receptacle in my shop, just in case. For me, the cost is minimal, since I can do the work myself, and it will be only a few feet from the panel.

  4. Est1950 says:

    Some Covid-19 Facts to gnaw on here Elwoods of the world.

    In 1918 the Spanish flu killed 50 million people world wide. That with a population at the time of only 1.8 Billion.

    To do the same damage as the “PANDEMIC” of 1918 on a world that now contains over 7 billion people and has struck in every country those same STATS would have killed 225 million people by now.

    Instead we have less than one million dead world wide. STARTLING FACT. Many of them died from the ORDINARY FLU yet were counted as having COVID-19 because they have no testing in Bangladesh, etc.

    Epidemiologist, Nobel Peace Prize winners and 1000’s of scientists around the globe are starting to realize that they have been duped and that they cannot keep the world locked down. Country after country are in full revolt against the NAZI style lock downs put in place.

    In America the same is holding True with the latest Attempt of the Nazis to subdue the JEWS in NYC and shut them down.

    Why would the world run by GLOBALISTS be so bent on destroying the global economy? The answer is simple. It is a fundamental shift of economic power to the 1 percent as the left likes to describe them. Billionaires can withstand the economic Depression if it means reshaping the global economy to their liking after the dust settles on a FAKE pandemic.

    Hundreds of scientists are saying this is NOT EVEN A PANDEMIC but rather the greatest scam perpetrated on the world. These are PhD’s that the left does not like. As I have maintained, they only like science they agree with.

  5. Est1950 says:

    I reported to you that A world council on the Economy is meeting in January and on their docket is the fundamental global change of the economy to a communist form of wealth redistribution.

    This is no joke. There is a world wide Cabal in place and miraculously the Chinese released a virus from their lab, failed to contain it, denied it existed and sent people to every country on the planet before finally launching into a full lock down meant to scare the Wits out of the world by building hospitals in 10 days, etc. etc.

    Many scientists at Oxford….not even Americans mind you…. are saying there is a Covid-19 black matter at work here in which modeling shows that perhaps up to 80 percent of the worlds population does not even respond to the Corona Virus (engineered in the lab By China)emphasis mine.

    These people are showing statistical models by dozens of experts in their fields such as Neuroscience that show that up to 80 percent of the population have almost no trace of the virus in their systems despite having a positive test.

    That is why the CABAL has changed from DEATHS to infections. It is why Trump recovered so quickly. It is why people have the virus and do not even develop symptoms until it is gone.

    YES this virus is deadly, but then so is the FLU.

    So is not being screened for Cancer. So is being denied Chemotherapy.

    I have cataracts, my world is a glow right now and my scheduled surgery has been put off for over 9 months and counting, pretty soon I might even be so blind I can no longer type.

    I am not bemoaning my own health issues but rather the denials in place by the world of health services that are killing more people, not saving more people by denying ordinary health services to those with illnesses that are not COVID-19.

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