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We Need To Tackle Fuel Poverty Or Something

Well, this is a new one from the Cult of Climastrology Tackle fuel poverty and the climate crisis Experts are right to raise the alarm about the climate impacts of how we heat our homes. That the UK is on course to take 700 years to achieve low-carbon heating should spur the government to action […]

If All You See…

…is cornfield that is obviously in distress from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on the gutting of America by the Chinese.

Surprise: Millions Could Be Returned To Bat Soup Virus Lockdown

So, are they saying that masks and such don’t work? Millions will be ordered not to leave their local areas in new Covid clampdown Millions of people will be asked not to travel outside their local areas and could be banned from mixing with other households, even outdoors, amid fears that some hospitals in the North-West […]

UN Warns Climate Crisis (scam) Will Cause “Unimaginable Hell”

To fix this, they’ll have ten thousand plus take long fossil fueled trips to the next UN IPCC Conference on the Parties, where they will demand Other People give up their money ‘Uninhabitable hell’: Climate change and disease threaten millions, UN warns A jump in climate-related disasters this century, along with the global coronavirus pandemic, […]

NY Times Calls Trump An Authoritarian For Declassifying Documents

Mind you, this is not in the opinion section, but called “news analysis” in the politics section Same paper that demands a persons private tax records is upset that governmental records are declassified. Remember when they said that the people have a right to know? You'd think a news outlet would be interested in govt […]

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