We Need To Tackle Fuel Poverty Or Something

Well, this is a new one from the Cult of Climastrology

Tackle fuel poverty and the climate crisis

Experts are right to raise the alarm about the climate impacts of how we heat our homes. That the UK is on course to take 700 years to achieve low-carbon heating should spur the government to action (Report, 8 October).

Its first step should be to end the subsidy for heating that maintains the high-carbon status quo and does little to help those in fuel poverty. The reduced VAT rate on domestic gas is discouraging innovation and investment in low-carbon heating technology, and the £2bn in uncollected revenue mainly benefits the wealthy because they use the most energy.

Understandably, politicians don’t want to raise heating bills for those on the lowest incomes. But they don’t have to, if they design a fairer policy that actually does more for the poorest households. This would involve removing the discount on gas and heating fuels and ringfencing the extra revenue. It should be redistributed to low-income homes and used to install energy efficiency measures and low-carbon heating systems. That way, fuel poverty and its health impacts could be tackled at the same time as climate change.

Got that? Instead of providing “the poor” with reasonably priced, and reliable, energy, “The Rich” should be taxed out the ying yang so that The Poor will be able to afford the expensive, and unreliable, alternative energy.

Wait, is the letter writer to the UK Guardian exposing the dirty little secret that renewables/alternatives are expensive as hell? Huh.

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7 Responses to “We Need To Tackle Fuel Poverty Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Pelosi refuses to help the airlines. Why? In the Green New Deal they want to illiminate the Airlines.

    Another 500k voters signed over to Trump.

    Anyone whose job depends on fossil fuels best rethink their vote for a Democrat ANY Democrat considering no matter how moderate they run in the election they will HEEL HARD TO PORT and follow Nancy Pelosi who just had a resolution brought against her in an attempt to remove her from the position of Majority leader due to her lack of mental fitness and obsessive behaviour with Trump.

    If you want communism you choice is clear. Vote for Biden. Vote for a Democrat running in the house and Senate because they are lying to you. They say oh we will be moderate, we will do the right thing, we want to help Americans.

    Bullshit. They want to help their pocket books, get a long rest of their life retirement fund, get their own awesome healthcare, while denying YOU the same thing.

    The left screams Trump hates them because he wants to cancel Obamacare and he DOES want to cancel Obamacare and replace it with something BETTER and something cheaper.

    The left refuse to address it knowing they can beat YOU the voter over the head with it, which REMEMBER IT WAS THE DEMOCRATS WHO GAVE YOU THIS EXPENSIVE ASSED INSURANCE THAT COVERS NOTHING!!!!!!!

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach is sadz because his beloved coal’s share of power keeps dropping even as his messiah claimed he could rise coal from its grave
    Under Trump 1 in 7 coal miners have lost their jobs
    Renewables provide 20% and increasing, coal 23% and decreasing
    Coal is best used in pizza ovens

    • Est1950 says:

      John we really don’t care that coal is a dinosaur and will one day be vanquished by the comet that is Crazed leftism screaming the world will die in 10 years.

      What we do care about is peoples lives, their jobs and ability to feed their families. We care about keeping the lights on when it is cloudy and the wind’s not blowing.

      Why do you suppose you are so obsessed with the climate and co2? Could it be because journals and magazines and MSM has beat you over the head with a false narrative driven by China for decades that you finally threw up your hands and jumped on the Train to Busan?

      Co2 is an essentially building block of our ecology by the way. Do you really think that adding co2 from 300 PPM to 600 PPm will destroy the planet?

      News flash. The worst wildfires in North America occurred in 1910, 1920 and 1947. At a time when Co2 was under 300 PPM. News flash…NOAA no longer archives their weather data but enterprising people screen shots every graph and chart they put up in the last 40 years. No warming.

      News flash. The warmest year on record in the USA was 1934. When co2 was below 300 PPm. More bad news. China has bought and paid for 1000’s of scientists around the globe to write papers telling YOU that YOU are going to DIE if you don’t destroy America’s economy so they can become the new world leader taking over nation after nation who can no longer get a jet into the air or a tank onto the battlefield.

      Do you think that China will comply? Or India? Do you think Brazil will stop cutting down the rain forest?

      Why is it you are not in China protesting the fact they continue to put more and more coal fired power plants into operation? Or they are putting Muslims in concentration camps? Why is it you are protesting America?

      I bet you want the police de-funded while at the same time screaming for the police when an Alpha male threatens you when you throw your skateboard at him or try to beat him over the head with a bike lock. Yeah I know your a 70 year old truck driver who has to work because he never planned for Retirement. I am speaking metaphorically.

      I will defend your right to free speech but what I won’t defend is your desire to destroy the world’s economy for China’s benefit. Who do you think owns all the rare earths to build your solar power, batteries and wind turbines? Yeah that would be China, Malaysia and many other countries hostile to Capitalism and socialism. Yes hostile to socialism.

      China has you so twisted in knots you have lost all ability to rationally approach a solution to what will keep your side out of the streets and the power on while solutions are worked out.

      Remember John. In 2009-2011 Obama had a veto proof majority and did NOTHING about AGW. The left does not really care about AGW, they are only giving you lip service. Joe Biden has his own plan which is nothing like what YOU want. His plan is a tip of the iceberg that will never even pass or be voted into law if he is elected.

      Even the Democratic party is playing you like a fiddle John. They lie to you, decieve you like they have Blacks for decades all the while flying in their jets, driving their big suvs and running 4000 dollar electric bills in their homes.

      Don’t you just feel a bit used by the Democrats? That is why at least 10-15 percent of progressives will vote for Trump in 2020. turn out the lights John. Literally.

    • Nighthawk says:

      Too bad it is the low cost and increased use of natural gas that is causing the biggest decline of coal use.

      You also failed to mention that under Trump, 2020 will see a record amount of renewable energy sources constructed accounting for 3/4 of new construction this year.

  3. Kye says:

    Unlike the heathen Democommies we Christians have only one Messiah, The Lord Jesus Christ and I don’t recall Him making any public statements about raising “coal from it’s grave”. He did do that for Himself though.

    Currently only 11% of our national energy is provided by renewables. Renewables are increasing ONLY because they are being subsidized by leftist state governments like Cali which even now can’t produce enough energy to safely and securely run the state.

    Silver birch logs are best used for pizza ovens as coal burns dirty.

    You know as much about pizza ovens as you do about renewable energy, coal and economics.

    Trump 2020 Because our economy is too important to leave in Democommunist hands.

    When I grew up, the Democrats were the party of youth. Republicans were tired, old white-shoe country club types. In 2020, that’s been flipped on its head.

    Democrats are old and decrepit. They’re Joe Biden, hiding in his basement, and an increasingly weird Nancy Pelosi, whose painted eyebrows climb ever higher on her face. For Americans outside the big cities, the few young Democrats are socialists who hate America, hate capitalism, and hate white people, and who have policies that will destroy all the things they hate.

  4. Dana says:

    Fuel poverty? Yeah, I had 70¢ off per gallon due to my Kroger points, but I fueled up the Beast for $1.289 per gallon a few days ago.

    Fuel is as cheap as it has ever been, once you figure in inflation.

  5. Kye says:

    In 1929 gas was .21 per gal. In 2015 dollars that’s 2.38.

    In 1942 (middle of WWII) gas was .20 gal. That’s equal to 2.39 today.

    During the Hussein reign of Evil it averaged 3.50 per gal, equal to 3.80 today BUT today it’s actually 2.19, over 1.30 LOWER than the mooslem. SOOOOOO the Great Trump beats the odds again!

    Trump 2020 Keep America ENERGY STRONG!!!


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