Liberal Media Attacks ACB Over Religion And Her Kids

Why? They’re disgusting, horrible people. First, here’s

Nolte: Fearing They’ve Lost Amy Coney Barrett Fight, Democrats Plug Obamacare

Democrats sounded more than a little defeated during their opening statements on Monday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation.

Rather than use this time to try to stop Barrett’s confirmation with the ludicrous stalling tactics we saw during the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh two years ago or to question Barrett’s legal bona fides or to make any of the wild claims about hidden documents and rape we saw in 2018, so far, Democrats are reduced to doing the equivalent of a cable news appearance.

Democrats do not appear to have a plan of any kind to lay some sort of groundwork to derail Barrett or to pick off the three or four Republican senators needed to kill her nomination. Democrats are, instead, using this allotted time to plug Obamacare as something it’s not — worth a damn. They’re also attacking President Trump as a racist and coronavirus super-spreader, firing off anti-science complaints about how this hearing might result in their catching the coronavirus, and, of course, lying about how confirming a Supreme Court justice during an election year is unprecedented — fact check: it’s not.

That’s it. That’s all they have.

That is all they have. Ted Cruz said “Let me observe, as Sherlock Holmes famously observed, that what speaks the loudest is the dog that didn’t bark, which is, to date, of every Democrat who’s spoken, we’ve heard virtually not a single word about Judge Barrett!” So, we end up with things like this, from the NY Times

If Amy Coney Barrett Were Muslim

Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has faced immense scrutiny of her religious beliefs, and we need to be vigilant against any religious bias or discrimination.

But I marvel at the hypocrisy of Republicans who are expressing shock and outrage over this, after the way the right has treated Muslims. President Trump responded to the alarm over Judge Barrett’s nomination by accusing Democrats of bias against Catholics and “basically fighting a major religion in our country.” This is rich from the man who is running against Joe Biden, a Catholic; who promoted a Muslim ban; and who told America, “I think Islam hates us.” (snip)

I can’t help wondering: How would Republicans behave if Judge Barrett were a Democrat whose strongly held religious beliefs came from Islam instead of Catholicism?

There was no Muslim ban, and, yes, a lot of Islam does, in fact, hate us. The writer, Wajahat Ali, has never been bothered by protecting Iran and extremist Islamists, and this is just a cute way of attacking ACB, Republicans, and, get this, most Christians. It in no way disqualifies ACB, and the Credentialed Media isn’t even bothering to try, just going for barking moonbat smears. The NY Times obviously has plenty more moonbattery, let’s look at the Washington Post. This is on the front page as “perspective”, which means “not actually news, just a way to attack without making us look like The Daily Kos or some lunatic left wing blog”

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has seven kids. And don’t you dare forget it.

The opening day of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court was kid-friendly. It was child-obsessed. It was a little over five hours of children as talking points and visual aids and proof of unwavering conservative values. It’s hard to recall a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee that was so focused on the well-being, the deportment and the birth story of our youngest citizens.

Yeah, we were supposed to focus on all the smears from Democrats, except they couldn’t find any and couldn’t make stuff up. The UK Guardian tried to trot out an old high school mate who didn’t want her on the court because ACB is pro-life. What, no stories of hazing? Nope

The many references to Barrett’s children were a not-so-subtle pronouncement that her prolific motherhood was especially good and admirable and a sign that she was not shirking her womanly duty while she was unleashing her ambition. Barrett had it all — on terms that were acceptable to social conservatives.

Except, they didn’t spend that much time doing this, other than initial politeness, something Democrats have forgotten.

Republicans felt compelled to shine a special spotlight on the two children she and her husband adopted from Haiti. Are they not all her children, and shouldn’t they simply be described as such — at least by those outside her circle? Highlighting their adoption comes across as a way for Republicans to vouch for Barrett’s welcoming nature and her embrace of diversity. It’s their antiabortion argument that there are loving homes waiting to welcome any and all kids.

This is a typical disgusting line of attack, obviously meant to uphold the “right” to killing the unborn, an attack that one would not expect in a major media outlet. But, the Washington Post is just as deranged as most left wing blogs, which is why left wing blogs have either disappeared or lost a lot of traffic. Why read them when you can just go to regular news outlets?

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4 Responses to “Liberal Media Attacks ACB Over Religion And Her Kids”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Republicans brought up her religion yesterday, not Democrats.

  2. Dana says:

    The Democrats have been unable to find the poor boy whom Amy Coney sexually assaulted when they were both in the ninth grade.

    ‘Twas the distinguished Senatrix Dianne Feinstein )D-CA) who brought up Mrs Barrett’s Catholicism during her confirmation hearings to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, saying of her that “the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.” Democrats love them some cafeteria Catholics, like Joe Biden, who says he is “personally opposed” to abortion, but thinks it’s a woman’s holy sacrament right. If that was all he thought, he wouldn’t be pushing to make other Catholics pay for abortion, by having the federal government pay for abortions, or by promising to make Catholic nuns provide contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans.

    But a real Catholic? A Catholic who actually believes in and supports Church teachings on abortion and homosexuality and transgenderism? Oops, sorry, can’t have that, now can we?

    If the next Democratic president — whom we should all hope won’t be elected until decades from now — nominates a Muslim to become a Supreme Court Justice, you can be certain that the Democrats won’t press him on homosexuality and transgenderism.

  3. Kye says:

    Really? After a solid month of Catholic bashing in regards to ACB you’re gonna stick with such a ridiculous statement as “Republicans brought up her religion yesterday, not Democrats.”? How’s that cognitive dissonance going?

    Trump 2020 Beat the senile idiot and his whore.

  4. Dana says:

    And to flog my own poor blog, the left are also very, very worried about Judge Barrett when it comes to Affirmative Action.

    When the Supreme Court approves Affirmative Action as long as it was only part of a ‘holistic’ appraisal of applicants, in Grutter v Bollinger, Justice Sandra O’Connor wrote that the Court expected that the exceptions to the equal protection clause that they approved that day would no longer be necessary 25 years from then.

    That was 17¼ years ago.

    And there are Affirmative Action cases involving Hahvahd and Yale working their ways through the courts as I type. Today’s discriminated against race by the Ivies isn’t white folks, but Asian students.

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