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Who’s Up For A Radical Proposal To Stop An Imaginary Issue?

I mean, I know what my recommendation is in order to stop the climate crisis (scam). I’ve mentioned it enough over the past 15 years As Climate Disasters Pile Up, a Radical Proposal Gains Traction As the effects of climate change become more devastating, prominent research institutions and government agencies are focusing new money and […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that is rising and will soon move everyone into the mountains, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Maggie’s Farm, with a post wondering just how wrong John Kerry could be.

A Vote For Biden Is A Vote To Undo Deregulation

How did people become brainwashed to the point that they are asking for more and more Centralized Big Government? Vox unintentionally tells you exactly what a Biden presidency will mean If Biden wins, here’s how he could undo Trump’s deregulation agenda Biden could use Trump’s playbook to reverse his regulatory moves on pollution, worker safety, […]

42% Of Americans Want To Transition Away From Fossil Fuels

The questions not asked in the poll: have you transitioned away from using fossil fuels yourself, and, if not, why? The responses could be Yes – 1% No, because it is too hard and would screw with my life and this should apply to Other People – 57% No, see, Trump is a Orange Man […]

Say, How Many Guns Have Americans Bought During Year Of Unrest?

Would 17 million shock you, when we’ve been dealing with Bat Soup Virus lockdown and lots of restrictions, coming mostly from Democratic Party governors and mayors, along with violence and threats in Democratic Party run cities across the country, for which the Democratic Party mayors and governors mostly did nothing? Americans have bought record 17m […]

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